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Birth Details

Lagna Chart 

  • ASC Gemini 16-42-29 – Excellent as he would think from his mind and not heart and would be able to maneuver many tough situations that life would throw at him.
  • 2nd house of Cancer has Sun 29-39-39 and Mars 13-08-44 (Debilitated) – Excellent for Sun as would have good support of father and would come from a good family, be of good character and also firm in decision making. His debilitated Mars in the same house makes him waste his energies in useless actions and emotions and not be a team player. He is a ‘my way or the highway’ kind of person, which is his loss. It also gives him anger issues as well as lack of impulse control. Also, his long-term health prognosis is not good. His debilitated Mars also causes him to loose out on excellent career and money making opportunities due to wrong career and life decisions; he would have powerful enemies as he would be an expert in burning bridges or relationships.
  • 3rd house of Leo has Mercury 08-12-00, Jupiter 17-47-19 and Venus 15-11-08 (Enemy) – Excellent house and makes him highly educated and have children who would be the source of his happiness, have strong connection to his siblings who would support him, be very polite when required, live a life of luxury, with car, property and servants. Due to his Venus, he would not be able to be good in social surroundings and be a loner, and be himself with only the select few. He has come to prominence since 2009 due to his excellently placed Jupiter and would continue to be in the limelight during the course of his Jupiter mahadasha till 2025, though it would start to fade the closer he gets to 2025
  • 4th house of Virgo has Ketu [R] 18-30-22 – Believes in tantra and mantra and would not be a greedy person himself but would be indifferent to greedy people around him; would also be indifferent to money.
  • 10th house of Pisces has Rahu [R] 18-30-22 – Would have sudden and excellent professional success when he least expects it and would be wealthy, though he would have to go through very difficult situations and a lot of stress to gain this, and at the cost of his health and well-being.
  • 11th house of Aries has Saturn [R] 02-02-56 (Debilitated) and Moon 27-20-36 – Would be well known for his work, would be close to his mother and also live a life of luxury but his profession would give him a bad name and lots of stress and health issues, especially in his Saturn mahadasha from 2025 onwards. Has to be very cautious of his health.



  • Jupiter for 16 years from 27/ 4/09 till27/ 4/25 – Excellent time for name and fame.
  • Saturn for 19 years from 27/ 4/25 till 27/ 4/44 – Challenging time from the professional point of view and would earn a bad reputation and adverse impact on his health if he is not extremely cautious.


Additional Analysis 

  • He has a good chart and has risen to name and fame due to his present Jupiter mahadasha but his debilitated Mars and Saturn are a source of great concern, especially as his next mahadasha from 2025 onwards is that of debilitated Saturn. It is anticipated that he would suffer on the professional front and would get a bad name and also his health would suffer.
  • I would say that he could not stick to his stable and gold-plated jobs due to the presence of debilitated Mars and Saturn in his chart and he has made the wrong decision to enter politics.
  • He has to be very careful about his health and well-being all through his life, but especially from 2025 onwards.
  • Additionally his chart has Kaal Sarpa Dosha and hence his family life would also be jeopardized by his wrong and impulsive decisions.
  • He has to seriously start doing the remedies for his Mars, Saturn and for Kaal Sarpa Dosha at the bare minimum (if not already).
  • His mother and father are auspicious beyond words for him and have always come to his help and aid and he owes a great deal (if not everything that he has achieved) to them.
  • I would say only time would confirm whether he is a serious long-term politician or his political success is just a flash in the pan.


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