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Ranbir Rishi Kapoor needs no introduction and below I have done an analysis of his chart in August 2019 by tweaking his time of birth by birth time rectification as per details available in the public domain about his life. As is evident he is really born with a silver spoon in his mouth. I had also done the chart analysis of Alia Bhatt in September 2020 and let me now take a look as to how they would fare as a couple.

Ranbir Kapoor

Birth Details : 28/9/1982, 1515 Hours, Mumbai

Lagna Chart

ASC Capricorn 13-17-12 has Moon 16-36-10 – Excellent for mental strength, comforts of home and wealth
6th house of Gemini has Rahu [R] 15-15-03 – Tough as there would be frequent opposition to his idea by family and tension in domestic life.
9th house of Virgo has Sun 11-20-16, Mercury [R] 19-17-38 (Exalted), Venus 01-50-34 (Debilitated)and Saturn 29-06-17 – Excellent for career as Mercury exalted though retrograde, so there would be time to time tiffs that he to people close to him and Sun and Saturn excellently placed but Venus debilitated and hence would have many romantic liaisons but would be unsuccessful in converting them into marriage also could fall prey to addictions. He is plain and simple a creation is the Kapoor Khandaan / Bollywood contacts or he would have not been in Bollywood, a flash in the pan success at best.
10th house of Libra has Jupiter 17-27-35 (Enemy) – Excellent for wealth, legal issues possible
11th house of Scorpion has Mars 12-10-04 – Excellent for name and fame as Mars in own house – would be fearless and take challenges head on also would be bold by nature, also makes him a Non – Manglik.
12th house of Sagittarius has Ketu [R] 15-15-03 – After certain time would follow in footsteps of family and become deeply spiritual.

Dasha Periods since birth

  • Moon from 28/ 9/82 till 16/10/87 – Excellent time and grew up in the lap of luxury
  • Mars from 16/10/87 till 16/10/94 – Super excellent time and again was enjoying life born in a well known and established family and got realization that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and took advantage of it at school and at work too !
  • Rahu from 16/10/94 till 16/10/12 – Differences with family over life choices and had to suffer due to it, most unexpected and shocking period for him
  • Jupiter from 16/10/12 till 16/10/28 – This is the excellent time right now and though his movies may not be doing all that well but he is still minting money, though if he is not careful there could be trouble in marriage and also legal issues. This is the time when he got married. He also has to be careful as he has Kaal Sarpa Dosha and hence us unlucky despite having all the money in the world. He would not be able to take the Kapoor brand forward, infact could ruin it.
  • Saturn from 16/10/28 till 16/10/47 – Excellent time and would establish himself as one of the top most produces and actors in the film industry

Alia Bhatt

Birth Details (unverified)

  • 15/3/1993, 0410 Hours, Mumbai

Lagna Chart and explanation

  • ASC Capricorn 12-40-52 – Excellent and makes her a balanced and cautious person who to a fault does not spoil relations with anyone even at the cost of personal stress/pain. This is what is called wisdom !
  • 2nd house of Mercury [R] has 19-29-26 and Saturn 01-03-25 – This is excellent and tells me that her career is based on the benevolence of parents and she would do well and is also a vagabond at heart. She can also be rude when upset which she would a lot due to her ill placed Moon and hence the couple could be having a lot of fights.
  • 3rd house of Pisces has Sun 00-36-22 and Venus [R] 26-01-07 – Excellent as close with father and also Venus even though retrograde is exalted and hence would do well in a career in the show business, with some minor hiccups. Though trouble in married life cannot be ruled out and also it is evident that she is who she is in Bollywood due to family contacts.
  • 5th house of Taurus has Ketu [R] 22-47-32 – Excellent but shows disinterest in day to day raising of children or there could be a divorce and hence no children or children would be shipped of to a boarding school.
  • 6th house of Gemini has Mars 19-00-31 – People would be jealous of her and that could impact her if remedies not done. She would not get along with a lot of people and rub them the wrong way and this also makes her a non-manglik like Ranbir.
  • 9th house of Virgo has Jupiter [R] 17-56-44 – Casual and non serious approach to profession, especially in her Jupiter dasha, which luckily is a long way off (but due to benevolence of parents would do well regardless). Could have legal issues in her life and also issues in child birth.
  • 11th house of Scorpion has Moon 27-49-05 and Rahu [R] 22-47-32 – Worries a lot and sensitive nature and also would get fame and recognition in a quick time, though at a huge emotional cost. Has to take care of her emotional health, otherwise it could bring her a bad name.

Dasha Periods since birth

  • Mercury from 15/ 3/93 till 27/12/95 – Early childhood and lived in luxury due to family, though there was unhappiness.
  • Ketu from 27/12/95 till 27/12/02 – Excellent period but disinterested in studies.
  • Venus from 27/12/02 – 27/12/22 – Shining period for 20 years which gave the world Alia Bhatt the actress though it has been filled with challenges but in the end she would emerge victorious due to her exalted Venus. Got married to Ranbir at the fag end of her Venus mahadasha, though it is retrograde and Ranbir’s Venus is debilitated. So there is not much happiness that she would get from Ranbir and he from her or any other lady for that matter.
  • Sun from 27/12/22 – 27/12/28 – Would continue to perform and do well in her profession thanks to her father’s benevolence.

Marriage Analysis/ Matching 

  • Despite all the glitz and glamour that is seen by us all – both their life has had its share of personal struggles, though born into wealth, especially Ranbir.
  • Marriage would be tough due to Ranbir’s debilitated Venus, both of them having ill placed Jupiter and also Ranbir having Kaal Sarpa Dosha.  This is the reason why he got married late and to Alia who has an exalted Venus whose mahadasha is going on right now.
  • They have to religiously do the remedies, which I guess they must have been doing and that is why the delay in there marriage. I would have advised them t do their respective remedies for a year and only ten think of marriage if remedies start working.
  • Money cannot buy you marital bliss though it can buy to good press headlines and a fancy marriage party, this is their case.
  • There would be progeny issues too, without the remedies.
  • The only saving grace us that they both are non mangliks but that is not enough.
  • At best an average existence together; if at all; without the remedies.
  • They both do not believe in marriage due to empty 7th houses.
  • Wishing them all the best but they must be carful and d the remedies, lest the union falls apart quickly. She will not get happiness from Ranbir, as a husband.

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