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Diego Armando Maradona born on 30 October 1960 at 07:05 AM in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has been a childhood hero when I was a growing up in Calcutta a soccer crazy city. He was known for his antics both on and off the field as was responsible for Argentina winning the FIFA World Cup in final 1986, when Argentina beat Mexico. His life both pre and post retirement has been one of turmoil with drugs and legal issues as well as health problems. He was clearly an out of box genius who could not control himself. Let me see what his chart says as my homage to this great athlete.

Birth Details

  • Birth – 30/10/1960, 0705 Hours, Buenos Aires
  • Death – 25/11/2020 aged 60 years


Lagna Chart

  • ASC Libra 15-59-55 has Sun 13-38-59 (Debilitated) – Prone to wrong choices in his life and also mind altering substances as way to deal with insecurities, prone to anger and lashing out and ruining his reputation but at the same time appearing to be balanced too when he was sober. So a kind of a bi-polar or split personality.


  • 2nd house of Scorpion has Mercury [R] 00-09-28 and Venus 17-16-21 – Enjoying life with accumulated wealth, wine and women and most times a bit too much for his own good and also prone to rough living conditions as a child which shaped his rough and tough personality and that led to him making a lot of money and also loosing some due to his enjoyments.


  • 3rd house of Sagittarius has Jupiter 07-27-40 (Lord House) and Saturn 20-04-40 – Huge success and lucky in the field of sports – which would be his career, life and would hold him in excellent financial conditions for life, father to multiple healthy children and also very lucky in legal matters.


  • 5th house of Aquarius has Moon 23-04-43 and Ketu [R] 19-20-55 – Mentally strong and thick skinned, with a care a dam attitude also blessed with intelligent children many of whom would be estranged or living separately from him.


  • 9th house of Gemini has Mars 22-28-09 (Enemy) – Lucky in his profession as a footballer but other than that would not be able to follow other career paths successfully and his lagna house Sun and enemy positioned Mars would come in the way. Would be prone to differences with business partners and not express them assertively but would only burst in anger and would be taken advantage of by people around him due to his inability to clearly communicate what is in his heart.


  • 11th house of Leo has Rahu [R] 19-20-55 – Fame and fortune would be at his feet but he would also have a difficulty in dealing with the same due to his lagna house debilitated Sun.


Dasha at the time of death 


  • VEN – MON till 21/ 2/22 – Time was good but he would have needed to control his indulgences which would be difficult for him to do and hence he left at one of the best time periods of his life and truly was a troubled saint and now he rest in peace with the angels.


Additional Analysis


  • He was an all and out family man and nothing mattered to him more than being with his family and children.


  • Destiny’s child as due to intoxication and mind altering substances his ability to think and act rationally was curtained or eclipsed but he was mentally tough.


  • Went to his maker in this present wave leading up to the lunar eclipse on November 30th 2020 and in one of the better times of his life.


  • Also had Mild Kaal Sarpa Dosha and would not be able to maintain his marriage or family life.


  • Otherwise an excellent chart as all planets except his debilitated Sun in the lagna house well placed and that is why he became what he did.


  • Personally a life full of mental turmoil, distress and wrong choices.


  • Good Bye Champ and see you on the other side. Om Shanti.

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