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Afzal Guru born Mohammed Afzal, near Sopore, Baramulla district, J&K, India was convicted in the dastardly attack on the Indian parliament in 2001 for which he was convicted and given the death sentence by the state which was carried out in 2013; at the age of 43 years.

Birth Details

30/6/1969, 0230 Hours (Determined), Baramula – JK

Lagna Chart

ASC Aries 29-08-40 has Venus 29-14-58 and Saturn 13-15-14 (Debilitated)

2nd house of Taurus has Mercury 23-25-22

3rd house of Gemini has Sun 14-29-26

6th house of Virgo has Jupiter 04-41-41 (Enemy) and Ketu [R] 01-39-18

8th house of Scorpion has Mars [R] 08-47-36 (Lord House)

9th house of Sagittarius has Moon 15-01-59

12th house of Pisces has Rahu [R] 01-39-18


RAH from 13/12/09 till 13/12/27

  • RAH – RAH till 25/ 8/12
  • RAH – JUP till 19/ 1/15

Brief Analysis

He has Saturn debilitated in the Lagna House of ascendant Aries along with Venus. So that itself is an extremely inauspicious placement; it means that he will be active but his Karma will be in the negative direction or this is a case where the native would self destroy himself with his karma. Venus in the Lagna House means that he may be married but there is hardly anything in the marriage; the focus is not in the marriage; the focus is in self destructive Karma. His chart says that he may have been born into a decent family as the 2nd house and 3rd house are good; there is support from family seen; good support from family and due to that he must have lived a comfortable life but what happens is when Saturn misguides you then you self destruct and that is what he has done and it is not only that; his Jupiter is also enemy positioned along with Ketu in the 6th house; this itself is a very inauspicious placement; this means that basically the propensity of making enemies and an abrasive personality; anger issues; so in this case he has made enemy of the state of India; his motherland. He was executed by the Indian state because he was involved in the 2001 parliament attack in New Delhi and he was convicted of the same and sentenced to death.

He has done these self destructive terrorist activities just at the start of his 8th house Mars Mahadasha; though Mars is lord housed; is in the 8th house and retrograde. This means that the person will not get along with people; the person will be extremely argumentative; could be a reclusive kind of a person and when the whole chart is seen; debilitated Saturn in the lagna house; 6th and 8th house planets and to top it all up, his 12th house Rahu. So what he has done at the start of his 8th house Mars mahadash which was from 2002 till 2009; hence in 2000 / 2001, that is during his 9th house Moon Mahadasha; though due to very mild Kaal Sarpa Dosha (VMKSD); his Moon is circled by inauspicious planet so it auspicious quality is lost; he may be thinking that what he is doing is a heroic act; but actually he was deluded into it and as mentioned at the onset of his Mars mahadasha in 2001; he did this dastardly act against the Indian state and then in his next Rahu mahadasha from 2009 till 2027; he was hanged and hence his death penalty was carried out; so the writing was on the wall because. His Rahu is in the 12th house and after Mars was his disastrous Rahu Mahadasha; and during his Rahu-Rahu antardasha from 2009 till 2012; he somehow, he survived in jail; but it at the last phase of his life; as planets were severely against him from birth. His 12th house Rahu would be the last nail in his coffin and take him out. That also in his Rahu-Jupiter antardasha from 2013 till 2017 he was hanged (in 2013).

Answering your specific question; yes he is soft spoken because his Mercury is very well placed; as I said his 2nd and 3rd house are good; had he done the remedies for his Saturn he could have gone the right way but what happens is due to various combinations in his chart which are due to lagna Saturn, 6th and 8th house planets; the tendency of being misguided or doing negative karma was high in his chart; now sometimes that can be a very small negative karma but in his case without the remedies and given his 12th house Rahu and its approaching mahadasha at the age of 40 years which was preceded by his 8th house mars mahadsha, during the ages of  33 to 40 years; there was a massive tendency towards doing what he has done or being misguided.

No person is born a terrorist from his mother’s womb but it is the Karma or the chart that puts them in such a situation that they get misguided and resort to such acts heinous acts as was his case. For example if his is Sun been debilitated, he would not have the courage to do this; but the total chart has to be seen and ifs and buts do not matter.

He was well spoken as you see his Mercury is clean; he comes from a good house/family; his Venus is well placed he could have been a family man; decently employed but destiny had other plans for him.

There is no shortage of soft spoken; sophisticated but heinous minded criminals in this world.

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