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DK Shivakumar

Birth Details

15/5/1961, 0515 Hours, Kanakapura – Karnataka (Publicly available)

Lagna Chart

ASC Aries 18-47-29

2nd house of Taurus has Sun 00-36-28 (Enemy), Moon 04-03-48 (Exalted)and Mercury 15-17-07

4th house of Cancer has Mars 11-22-25 (Debilitated)

5th house of Leo has Rahu [R] 08-55-47

10th house of Capricorn has Jupiter 13-41-09 (Debilitated) and Saturn [R] 06-29-47 (Lord House)

11th house of Aquarius has Ketu [R] 08-55-47

12th house of Pisces has Venus 22-21-59 (Exalted)


SAT from 17/ 1/15 till 17/ 1/34

  • SAT – VEN till 8/ 1/25
  • SAT – SUN till 20/12/25
  • SAT – MON till 20/ 7/27


DK Shivakumar is undergoing the retrograde but Lord house 10th house Saturn mahadasha till 2034. He will do very well professionally and/or politically. However, there is lot of damage to his health due to professional stress.

Jupiter debilitated in the same 10th house means there are legal cases and severe legal trouble waiting in the wings; so Shivakumar is in for some rough weather. Moreover, his time till 2025-end is tough; he will be very busy addressing legal concerns. He has a lot of enemies who are out to how mar his interests. There is a lot of money in his chart, but there is a lot of trouble as well in the form of powerful enemies.

He is known to be a very spiritual person and believes a lot in prayers. Hence, if he is not doing so already, he has to do the remedies.

However, from this chart, his becoming the CM is very tough till 2025. The Congress high command may be leaning towards anointing the other contender, Siddaramaiah, as chief minister. However, as is evident from Shivakumar’s chart, he is not agreeing to the same.


Birth Details

3/8/1947, 1030 Hours, Varuna, Mysore – Karnataka (Determined)

Lagna Chart

ASC Virgo 19-22-03

2nd house of Libra has Jupiter 25-05-05 (Enemy)

3rd house of Scorpion has Ketu [R] 05-40-50

5th house of Capricorn has Moon 29-24-39

9th house of Taurus has Mars 29-46-22 and Rahu [R] 05-40-50

10th house of Gemini has Mercury 27-39-47 (Lord House)

11th house of Cancer has Sun 16-54-46, Venus 08-19-15 (Enemy) and Saturn 18-57-52 (Enemy)


KET from 25/ 5/21 till 25/ 5/28

  • KET – MON till 28/11/23
  • KET – MAR till 25/ 4/24
  • KET – RAH till 13/ 5/25


Siddaramaiah has an excellent chart — not only is he a very positive person but he is also a top-notch administrator and the favourite to occupy the Karnataka chief minister’s chair.

The other primary contender for the position, Shivakumar has many obstacles in his chart. So, even though is fighting very hard for the post but as per astrology, Siddaramaiah is the natural choice. He will be a very strong and powerful chief minister, and in all possibility, he will be chosen by his party.

However, due to some planets in Shivakumar’s chart, he is not letting go. I think he should be given good spiritual advice. He can let Siddaramaiah be the chief minister for 2 years and then, when his time is much better, he can also become the chief minister with the remedies.

It needs to be noted that Siddaramaiah’s chart is very clean except for normal stresses. He is a simple man. But Shivakumar’s chart has certain challenging placements and it will be very tough for him to become the chief minister as of now.

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