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‘Big Family, Old Money, New Drama’: Inside the Powerful S.C. Family at Center of Murder Mystery

The swiftness and the strictness of the American justice system was on displayed recently; as a powerful person coming from a very influential and politically connected family was sentenced to the prison for 2 life sentences, for the killing of his wife and son; in 6 weeks flat by an American court in the state of South Carolina (SC) and the county of Hampton. I have watched this case with some interest and now I’m doing the chart analysis of convicted Alex Murdaugh to understand the planets that can turn a king into a pauper.

Providing the links for readers in India who may not be so well versed with this case.

From a Shocking Murder to a Botched Assisted Suicide: Everything to Know About the Murdaugh Case

Birth Details

Birth Details
17/6/1968; 0300 Hours (determined); Hampton, SC – USA
Lagna Chart

ASC Aries 05-19-30 has Saturn 00-00-13 (Debilitated)
3rd house of Gemini has Sun 02-43-54, Mars 03-56-34 (Enemy), Venus 01-52-29 and Mercury [R]04-49-01 (Lord House)
5th house of Leo has Jupiter 06-49-06
6th house of Virgo has Ketu [R] 21-39-50
11th house of Aquarius has Moon 27-17-05
12th house of Pisces has Rahu [R] 21-39-50 
VEN from 21/ 9/18 till 21/ 9/38
·       VEN -MON till 21/ 9/24
·       VEN – MAR till 21/11/25
·       VEN – RAH till 21/11/28

It is not difficult to see why the native gradually and progressively got into deep trouble; he started out from a very wealthy family of lawyers and solicitors in state of South Carolina in US. His grandfather, father even his great grandfather were solicitors or the government lawyers who used to prosecute criminals the county. He also followed somewhat on their footsteps; became a lawyer; but that was to his undoing; he was never a good lawyer; he was always manipulating and fooling people; never working hard; just a smoke screen.

He is ascendant Aries with Saturn itself is debilitated in the lagna house. That means; as I heard during the TV debates; he is basically a lazy person; not hard working and such people destroy not only their professional life but their personal life also and due to the placement of the lagna house planets; right from the start he has been manipulating people and he has destroyed and ruined his life.
Despite some good planetary placements in ones chart when Saturn is debilitated in the lagna house; nobody or nothing can save from self-destruction because this placement of Saturn is known turn kings into paupers. This is what happened to him.

His 3rd house is good; with Sun, Mars – enemy; Venus; and Mercury in retrograde but Lord housed. So he is blessed, as I said from the father’s side with a good family; very wealthy family; tremendous help from siblings; some differences are there all the time, that is there in the chart but siblings tremendously helpful; enjoying life with all the material benefits that money can provide; when he wants to can be very charming; so its like a too faced person; the real Alec is very brutal and rude but on the exterior he is very charming and professional appearing. That has come out during the trial – he could talk his way out of everything, so communication was his forte because of Lord house Mercury.

Jupiter in the 5th house means that he is blessed with healthy children but unfortunately one he himself killed; he also killed his wife; not to mention the other cases pending and also immense financial frauds; but destiny has provided with him sons could have been the source of his happiness. Jupiter well placed means that he would be intelligent; good in academics and do well in the legal field but there is always a caveat when Saturn is debilitated in the lagna house or the first house. It means that every step you take; its self destructive; it’s a very dangerous placement.

His 6th house has Ketu and that means enemies galore; so he would have been rubbing people the wrong way all his life and not have cared about them; but those secret eneies came out and got him.

His 11th house Moon’s placement is very interesting; it means mentally he can be mentally strong, would have name, fame and wealth but Rahu is placed in the 12th house and Moon is getting sandwiched between Rahu and Ketu (or North and South nodes) and it affects or it impacts the auspicious power of his Moon. It also makes him prone to disrepute / massive disrepute.

The conjunction of Saturn and Moon; what they mean is the karma for the native is evil; there is no need for enemies; nothing he does that would above the board or good; that is from the start. You start with small things, then you get bigger and bigger and nobody catches you; because you have other auspicious planets; but the karmic clock is ticking and then once he killed his son, then it was too late for him to get saved; he was arrested in the county where is family once ruled and he has ruined his and his families name.

Now mind you; he is going through a good time right now; so he will with all his misplaced confidence; despite being broken from inside; fight this legally as best as he can; he will appeal it or whatever avenues are there but I do not think he will be successful but he will keep on fighting it because what has happened is due to debilitation of Saturn and Kaal Sarpa Dosh(KSD); he has landed in a place from where you can only be released; in his case unfortunately to hell.

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