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Saturn is an inherently malefic planet. It gives nothing for free.

Even when auspiciously or well-placed, it makes a person work hard for success and extracts its pound of flesh. Hence, even when relatively well-placed, if its dasha comes post 55 years of age, then the person achievies sucess after a lot of toil. But he or she pays for the success in terms of health.

This is the case with Biden – it is a classic case of Saturn’s curse. It made him POTUS but due to the stress of the job, his mind and body are not able to keep up.

Please see the latest video of Biden below at the recent G7 meet in Italy, the sort which has become a trend now, with him seemingly spaced out.

Now this is the world’s most powerful person. He has top class medical facilities everywhere he goes. He has on-call access to the latest in medicine and the best in doctors.

Still, they can do only so much when Biden is faced with retrograde 7th house Saturn.

In fact, his Saturn mahadasha started soon after his presidency and till 2025 his SAT-SAT period is testing to say the least. His Saturn mahadasha will finish in 2041 when Biden will be 99 years old.

I have been observing along with the rest of the world how Biden’s health has been adversely impacted. I had predicted this outcome before the American elections.

Here’s wishing good health to POTUS. He needs it.

Below is Biden’s chart analysis I had worked on earlier.


Birth Details

20/11/1942; 0830 Hours; Scranton – PA – USA

Lagna Chart

ASC Scorpion 22-22-43 has Sun 04-33-10 and 4 Venus 05-33-50

4th house of Aquarius has Ketu [R] 06-38-57

6th house of Aries has Moon 08-27-26

7th house of Taurus has Saturn [R] 16-52-53

9th house of Cancer has Jupiter [R] 02-04-56(Exalted)

10th house of Leo has Rahu [R] 06-38-57

12th house of Libra has Mars 19-35-18 and Mercury 28-33-34


SAT from 12/ 6/22 till 12/ 6/41

  • SAT – SAT 15/ 6/25
  • SAT – MER 24/ 2/28
  • SAT – KET 3/ 4/29

Read Biden’s detailed chart analysis:

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