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Birth Details

14/6/1946; 1054 Hours; Jamaica, NYC

Lord House

ASC Leo 18-41-39 has Mars 03-42-08

2nd house of Virgo has Jupiter [R] 24-21-18(Enemy)

4th house of Scorpion has Moon 28-35-40 (Debilitated)and Ketu [R] 27-38-54

10th house of Taurus has Sun 29-52-32 (Enemy)and Rahu [R]27-38-54

11th house of Gemini has Mercury 15-50-55(Lord House)

12th house of Cancer has Venus 02-41-42 (Enemy)and Saturn 00-42-35(Enemy)


JUP from 30/ 3/16 till 30/ 3/32

  • JUP – KET till 12/ 2/24
  • JUP – VEN till 12/10/26


In 2024, Donald Trump will be going through Jupiter-Ketu dasha till February; for the rest of the year, it will be his Jupiter-Venus. So there is no way he can become the president of the US (POTUS) again. In fact, he will be beset by legal and women-related problems. His wife may leave him and most probably he would be in jail — either that or he seems to be such an unstable and egoistic person that he could split the country into two. He is a destructive person and I think if better sense prevails in the US, he would be in jail. In any case this is not the chart of a leader of a First World nation; this is the chart of a dictator.


Birth Details

20/11/1942; 0830 Hours; Scranton – PA – USA

Lagna Chart

ASC Scorpion 22-22-43 has Sun 04-33-10 and 4 Venus 05-33-50

4th house of Aquarius has Ketu [R] 06-38-57

6th house of Aries has Moon 08-27-26

7th house of Taurus has Saturn [R] 16-52-53

9th house of Cancer has Jupiter [R] 02-04-56(Exalted)

10th house of Leo has Rahu [R] 06-38-57

12th house of Libra has Mars 19-35-18 and Mercury 28-33-34


SAT from 12/ 6/22 till 12/ 6/41

  • SAT – SAT 15/ 6/25
  • SAT – MER 24/ 2/28
  • SAT – KET 3/ 4/29


It is very evident that President Joe Biden has a much powerful chart. He is a much stronger and stabler personality. Not only is he more lucky, but his leadership skills are also immaculate. He has strong principles as well.

However, the problem with him is he is going through his Saturn Mahadasha. At this age and seeing his other planets, his health might be a cause for concern. So though his time is better in 2024 as compared with Donald Trump, he will be under lot of strain. He will not be able to handle the campaign and after May 2025 his health could take a tumble for the worst. I know the POTUS gets the best doctors in the world and world-class hospitals at arm’s length. But still, after a certain age, the mind gets dull due to stress.

Donald Trump’s chart is all smoke and mirrors; he is just a rich white man, kid really. It could very much be possible that he could be trumped up by some foreign intelligence agency who does not want the US to be doing well. Anything is possible with this man. But I don’t think I don’t think the CIA and FBI will let him become the president given his legal problems.

My say, astrologically speaking, is that somebody else would become the president of the US in 2024.

Could there be an Indian Hindu connection?

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