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IPS officer D Roopa has always remained in the news for her proactive role in maintaining law and order. It is hard to find a police officer with such a credible work record spanning 20+ years of service. It is also worth remarking that she never shied away from taking a firm stand on controversial issues related to social harmony and corruption.

Roopa was ranked 43rd in the UPSC Civil Services Examination in 2000 and opted for the IPS. She was fifth in rank amongst IPS officers of the 2001 batch. She was awarded the prestigious President’s Police Medal for Meritorious service on 26 January 2016.

When she was a Superintendent of Police initially, she arrested Uma Bharati, the CM of Madhya Pradesh, at Alnavar following court orders for a 10-year-old rioting case. She was the first Superintendent of Police of the newest and 30th district of Karnataka.


Birth Details

12/7/1975, 0600 Hours (Determined), Davanagere – Karnataka

Lagna Chart

ASC Gemini 23-46-27 has Sun 25-33-28, Mercury 05-58-19 (Lord House) and Saturn 28-35-32

3rd house of Leo has Venus 04-23-02 (Enemy) and Moon 04-23-02

6th house of Scorpion has Rahu [R] 04-54-20

10th house of Pisces has Jupiter 29-21-58 (Lord House)

11th house of Aries has Mars 14-07-56 (Lord House)

12th house of Taurus has Ketu [R] 04-54-20


MAR from 24/ 3/16 till 24/ 3/23

  • MAR – MON 24/ 3/23

RAH from 24/ 3/23 till 24/ 3/41


Not having lived in Karnataka for long periods, I had not followed the career of IPS officer D Roopa. However, before doing this chart analysis, I read up on her. I am quite amazed to see that she is a daredevil IPS officer on the lines of Kiran Bedi. Moreover, she is a meritorious officer. It is a sorry state of affairs when such officers are shunted and transferred repeatedly.

But this shunting is not by accident. While there is a factor in the charts of such officers which helps them reach such high office, there are troubles as well.

Let’s take a look at her chart. She has a very powerful lagna house. She is an ascendant Gemini with Sun, Saturn and Mercury, with the latter in its lord house. She will be born with a silver spoon in her mouth and live in luxury. She will be very brave and courageous and prompt and decisive in taking action. Professionally, she will do very well in her life due to her own hard work. At the same time, she is lucky. She is also a very active and intelligent person.

Her 3rd house has Venus in enemy position and Moon. This means her younger sibling is very auspicious for her. She has all the good looks and charm. She will enjoy her life with material enjoyments and has wealth. This is seen for the younger sibling as well. Moreover, she is very strong mentally.

The trouble starts from her 6th house Rahu, which makes her abrasive. She pushes people the wrong way, creating a lot of secret enemies. It is significant that her Rahu mahadasha is about to start. All these enemies will now get together and they will not let her live in peace. It is a very challenging time for her astrologically. Her chart has the firepower to deal with these problems. But she will be tested to the limits. As a result, I feel that her professional career and promotions are over.

Her 10th house Jupiter in its lord house means she is a very bright and highly educated. She is a mother to healthy children. She will hold a position of authority. Lady Luck is with her.

Her 11th house Mercury mahadasha is going on right now. In fact, it’s about to end. As a result, her reputation will be good and name and fame will follow her.

But in March of this year, her 6th house Rahu mahadasha is about to start. Hence, this controversy has come up. The Rahu mahadasha will only make matters worse, and could bring about an end to her career.

At the bare minimum, she should do the remedies for her Rahu. That will ensure that the harm from her powerful secret enemies who are harming her interest will be mitigated.

There will be two options for her:

1. She will remain in service but just for the sake of it. Hence, she could leave service also because she will not be happy.

2. She could enter politics.

But the problem is that right now her time is very difficult given the Rahu mahadasha. Hence, despite having a strong and powerful personality, things will not go her way.

So, she has to be very careful going forward for the next 2 decades, in fact for the rest of her career. Her next Jupiter mahadasha is after retirement. That is when her career will take off – so I see her in politics. She will make more money than she has ever made.

But right now the effects of Rahu mahadasha have already started and people are stabbing her in the back. Her time is even more tough from next month, especially since she has the personality of a no-nonsense tigress. My humble advice to her would be to do remedies for Rahu and sit this phase of her life out.

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