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Priyanka Chopra (Jonas) was born in Jamshedpur to to army parents, with both her mother and father medical doctors in the Indian Army.  She has achieved a lot in her professional life – both in India and now overseas and also in her personal life – with her recent marriage to Nick Jonas. But will it last? Let us take a look.

Let me analyse her chart and see what makes her tick and what life has in store for her.

Birth Details

  • 18/7/1982, 0130 Hours, Jamshedpur – Jharkhand

Lagna Chart and its explanation

  • ASC Taurus 09-03-50 has Moon 19-46-04 (Exalted)– 7 star house as exalted Moon gives her a charmed life due to her mental doggedness and emotional strength, super confidence, support from her mother and success while living close to the water. This placement would ensure that even with an otherwise above average chart Priyanka would go from strength to strength in her life. She has the capability to operate much above her chart due to her unflappable nature. It is a true blessing due to good karmas from her previous births and would make her wealthy.
  • 2nd house of Gemini has Mercury 22-33-38 (Lord House), Venus 02-58-58 and Rahu [R] 19-05-48- Excellent and she is blessed with a powerful personality and the auspicious guidance by parents, a life of super luxury, is diplomatic and very polite by nature and would be enjoying the fruits of material success and physical beauty. Though it could make her romantic and / or married life tricky. This house would also make her very wealthy though she has Mils Kaal Sarpa Dosha (MKSD) in he chart and that would cause her chronic issues in her romantic life and marriage.
  • 3rd house of Cancer has Sun 01-17-55 – Excellent support from father and younger sibling who would be the source of strength for her. This placement also makes her courageous and bold by nature and one who takes challenges head on. Though Sun being weak would her fathers health a cause of concern.
  • 5th house of Virgo has Mars 27-22-43 (Enemy) and Saturn 22-36-21 – Due to this placement she would do very well in her profession but sometimes she may be marred by controversies or difference of opinion that she might have with people and also she might be sometimes perceived as arrogant. She would be very active and want to become  a mother but this placement also means some trouble in conceiving children or delay in having them.
  • 6th house of Libra has Jupiter 07-25-46 (Enemy)– Tough as in an enemy position and in her 6th house, it shows a rebellious attitude, moderate education and also some delay in motherhood. This placement takes special prominence as she is going through this mahadasha since 2010 and this would be upto 2026 and she would really be needing all the benefic impact that her lagna house gives her to steer craftily through this period. Still trouble in her life cannot be ruled out.
  • 8th house of Sagittarius has Ketu [R] 19-05-48 – Challenging and later in life she could face all of a sudden health issues and or physical injuries about which she has to be cautious.  This placement also makes her a spiritual person.

Mahadasha and Antardasha

  • Jupiter mahadasha from 21/ 3/10 till 21/ 3/26 – This is one of the toughest times in her life on a personal level; as she lost her father to whom she was close; but by using the charm of her lagna and her 2nd houses she has turned this around by moving away from India (as I guess that painful memories of her father must be troubling her) and getting married; she is too mentally strong a person to be put down by anything. But still this would be a tough time for her and her new marriage. It seems a movement to escape from her personal troubles.

Additional Analysis

  • Priyanka would like nothing more now, than to be a mother to many children and to look after her husband and family.
  • She is basically a totally family oriented person.
  • Once she starts her family of her own she would make a wonderful mother and put her family before everything.
  • The present time for her is tough and she would be challenged in all aspects of her life till 2026.
  • With her auspicious lagna house nothing is impossible for this Jharkhand born Punjabi kudi and she would fight her tough time with courage.

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