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Rakhi Sawant is an Indian model, movie and television actress, and talk show host, who has appeared predominantly in Hindi movies and a few South Indian movies. She was also one of the contestants of Big Boss season 1 in India. She also made her singing debut in the album Super Girl in the year 2007. She has dabbled in politics, unsuccessfully.

Through her professional journey, she has been the talk of the town since she is  controversial. Her tendency to ‘say it like it is’, do as she pleases, misadventures with men and her attempts to get married have kept her in the news. The latest instance is her husband being arrested. Her personal life has always been in turmoil, giving the media fodder for gossip.


Birth Details

28/11/1978, 1107 Hours, (Badarpur) New Delhi

Lagna Chart

ASC Capricorn 11-28-34

2nd house of Aquarius has Ketu [R] 29-26-56

7th house of Cancer has Jupiter [R] 15-26-30 (Exalted)

8th house of Leo has Saturn 19-45-07 and Rahu [R] 29-26-56 

10th house of Libra has Moon 14-20-49 and Venus [R] 13-46-56 (Lord House)

11th house of Scorpion has Sun 12-04-37, Mars 25-35-40 (Lord House) and Mercury [R] 27-36-40


SAT from 16/ 7/02 till 16/ 7/21

MER from 16/ 7/21 till 16/ 7/38

  • MER – MER till 13/12/23
  • MER – KET till 10/12/24
  • MER – VEN till 10/10/27


Luckily, Rakhi Sawant’s exact birth details are available on the net and they match her profile.

She is an ascendant Capricorn with Ketu in her second house. Hence, she is a self- made person who, by her own hard work, resilience, and some help from the planets, has risen in her life. But she has always been embroiled in controversies. In fact, she has been in the news more for controversies rather than for achievements because of her acting.

Her 7th house Jupiter is exalted but retrograde. This shows an almost primal desire in her to get married and become a mother. However, the retrograde component means she has been unsuccessful. Her attempts at settling down have led to distress in her life and also a lot of controversy, as also a police complaint.

The toughest placement in her chart is the 8th house, with Saturn severely ill placed along with Rahul. This will cause her a lot of distress with regard to her profession. She will not be able to achieve the desired professional success despite a well-populated 10th and 11th house. This is more so as her Saturn mahadasha came at the peak of her life –   from 2002, and was over onl in 2021. This has disrupted all spheres of her life, including her personal and professional. In this house, Rahu creates sudden adverse events related to the profession. Ultimately the stress of it all will impact her health if it has not done so already.

There are some excellent placements in her chart. Her 10th house has Moon and Venus in its Lord house. But Venus is retrograde. Hence, she is mentally very strong, will be able to earn lot of money with her hard work and is very good looking. But since Venus is retrograde it means that there will be problems in getting married and she will not be able to earn the amount of money that she would have been able to with the remedies. Or, she will not become a top-grade star. In fact, controversy related to her dealings with the opposite sex will create more news and be the source of more money for her.

Now why have all of us heard of Rakhi Sawant despite her being just a starlet? That’s because of her 11th house, which has Sun and Mars in its Lord house. Mercury retrograde means that she is courageous and very prompt to take action – but easy to anger. She has an uncontrollable ego and a high instinct to be in the news at all given times.  But she would be uncharitable with her words and that can give her negative press.

Rakhi has ended her terrible Saturn mahadasha but has entered her retrograde 11th house Mercury mahadasha. So on one hand, she will get some relief. But on the other hand, she always has to be careful now of her health and her reputation. Because of multiple retrograde planets in her chart (Jupiter, Venus and Mercury apart from the usual Rahul and Ketu) and her 8th house Saturn and Rahu, there will always be controversies in her life due to multiple obstacles that she faces.

Sadly, her current marriage has also ended in a police case. This will wind its way through the justice system and it is highly possible that she may get involved with somebody else. But there will be controversy there as well.

At the bare minimum, she needs to do remedies for her Saturn, Rahu, mild kal sarpa dosh, and her Mercury. She has to wear gold for her Jupiter. She also needs to do remedies for her Venus so that there is less resistance or less controversy in her life, especially from the opposite sex.

Despite all this, one thing is assured: Rakhi will make a good amount of money. And she will always be in the news. Not so much for the good reasons but for controversial ones. She has to try to keep her ego under check. Her 11th house Mars and Sun help, but since her lagna house has no planet, she can be blinded by ego and lash out.

I can only wish her good luck.

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