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Kishore Kumar was a singing sensation who was an out of the box personality. He started off as an actor and did some very memorable movies. His is truly a legend and would live on till eternity for his many fans.

Let me study his chart.

Birth Details4/8/1929, 1600 Hours, Khandwa

Death : 13/10/1987, Mumbai ( 8th house Sun mahadasha)

Cause : Heart Attack

Lagna Chart

Asc Sagittarius 03–42–29 has Saturn (R) 01-30-35 – Very good but would have a controversial career with lots of stress that would impact his health. Though his Saturn would help him in his career, which would define his life.

5th house of Aries has Rahu (R) 23-59-09 – Happiness from children.

6th house of Taurus has Jupiter 17-51-33 – Troubling house and makes him a rebel who would upset a lot of people and get along only with a select few

7th house of Gemini has Venus 06-15-02 – Excellent and makes him the excel in acting/singing/comedy. A very charming person towards attracted to women with whom he would have many romantic liaisons and vice versa. He was a romantic person at heart and nothing gave him more peace and happiness then the company of his beloved family.

8th house of Cancer has Sun 18-40-32, Moon 08-35-18 (Lord House) and Mercury 23-20-07 – Toubling house due to Sun and Mercury, which would make him prone to anger but keep most of his feeling inside, lest he could explode in anger. His Moon in its lord house did have the calming effect and gave him and strong mind but could do only so much when opposed against the fiery Sun and Mercury.

9th house of Leo has Mars 26-06-44 – This is what made him the Kishore Kumar we all know along with his lagna house and ensured that he did well in his career and made a lot of money.

11th house of Libra has Ketu (R) 23-59-09 – This is what made him famous , though he would shun the spotlight and would be a very private person.


Saturn from 4/ 8/29 to 9/ 2/41 – Very good time and born in a good family but very early on started to develop rebellious and out of the box tendencies along with his singing/acting skills.

Mercury from 9/ 2/41 to 9/ 2/58 – This was the time when due to his lagna house and 9th house planets he did well in his profession but there would have been hard work and stress too which would be having an irreversible long term impact of his health. Though his Moon in the lord house in the 8th house helped him but it only made him bear the stress longer, though due to his Moon in the lord house he also made a lot of money.

Ketu from 9/ 2/58 to 9/ 2/65 – This was a period when the world got to know of Kishore Kumar and he became a household name and earned name and fame that would outlast him but his health also suffered due to chronic stress issues related to a successful and famous lifestyle.

Venus from 9/ 2/65 to 9/ 2/85 – This was one of the best periods in his life were he had the company of women who he loved and though there were heart breaks and resultant stress due to his 8th house planets and also career stressors due to his retrograde Saturn in the lagna house but there was also domestic peace and stability at the end of the day with a seemingly stable marriage and domestic life.

Sun from 9/ 2/85 to 9/ 2/91 – His 8th house Sun only made things on the health front go south very quickly and he passed away two years into his Sun period.

Additional Analysis

  • Yes his chart would be melodious only if he did the remedies for his lagna house Saturn.
  • Otherwise this was an out of the box genius, who went through immense pressure in his life.

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