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Sunny Leone has in my view had a tough life but she has managed to overcome all the obstacles that life threw her way and with courage charted a stable and very successful life for herself.

Let me draw out her chart and see what it says.

Birth Details (Birth time determined by rectification method)

  • 13/5/1981, 0630 Hours, Sarnia – Ontario – Canada

Lagna Chart

  • ASC Taurus 04-20-20 has Mercury 15-57-57 and Venus 08-24-33 – Mental doggedness and she would be blessed with physical beauty as Venus is in its lord house and that would the source of her material success. She would live a comfortable life and would be a totally self made person.


  • 3rd house of Cancer has Rahu [R] 11-54-15 – Her younger sibling would be auspicious for her and the source of her strength. This auspicious but tricky Rahu takes prominence right now as she is presently undergoing this mahadasha.


  • 4th house of Leo has Moon 27-51-38 – Mentally and emotionally strong and close to her mother as well as spiritual in nature.


  • 5th house of Virgo has Jupiter [R] 07-08-30 and Saturn [R] 09-49-49 – Retrograde planets in this house mean that she would have children (as this is an auspicious house) but after a lot of effort. Additionally her children would sometimes be the source of her worries. Retrograde Saturn in this house also denotes success at a great cost of hard work and toil and sometimes even controversies.


  • 9th house of Capricorn has Ketu [R] 11-54-15 – She would see a sudden and unexpected jump or boost in her profession, when she least expects it and her career would be on auto pilot – which means that her it would flourish even if she loses interest in it or the earning would never stop.


  • 12th house of Aries has Sun 28-59-19 and Mars 19-53-15 – Sun exalted and Mars in its lord house, being in her 12th house is a very unique placement for her and makes her bold and courageous and taste extreme success in a place far away from her place of birth. Additionally exalted Sun at an advanced degree shows her propensity towards charity and a super intelligent mind.


Present Dasha/Antardasha period

  • Rahu till 30/10/21 – This is a very auspicious time for her where she would be expanding her family as well as doing very well in her profession and her hard work of decades would pay back at last. But Rahu by its inherent nature is tricky and she would have to face tricky situations and complications both at her work and personal life which she by the power of her lagna and 12th house would be able to craftily maneuver.


  • Rahu – Moon till 12/10/20 – This time is for her to enjoy her motherhood in a place close to the water


Additional Analysis

  • Her lagna house with Venus in its lord house is enough for her to lead a very successful life in the show business and earn immense wealth from it.


  • She would also live in luxury for life courtesy her lagna house, which also makes her extremely stubborn and once she decides to do something, she would achieve it. She would focus most of her energies after 2021 on her young family.


  • Her 12th house exalted Sun and Mars in its lord house also play an important role and symbolize that success would come to her in a place far away from her place of birth and close to the water which in her case is India and Mumbai (as she was born in Canada).





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