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Holy Family Hospital, which is celebrating its diamond jubilee, has meticulously maintained medical records in yellowing registers. Started in 1953 by missionaries, the hospital has witnessed the births of Rahul and Priyanka Gandhi. Both have been identified as baby Sonia Gandhi in hospital records. Sonia Gandhi, then 23 years old, gave birth to Rahul on 19.6.1970 at 2.28 pm. She was admitted to the hospital at 9.10 am the same day. Priyanka was born on 12.1.1972 at 5.05 pm. Both were examined by paediatrician Dr P N Taneja. Congress president Sonia Gandhi had congratulated the hospital in a one-page note that has now been printed as a souvenir of the hospital, produced for its diamond jubilee.


Birth Details

19/6/1970, 1428 Hours, New Delhi

Lagna Chart

ASC Libra 01-53-02 has Jupiter [R] 02-40-20 (Enemy) – Tough

3rd house of Sagittarius has Moon 02-14-17 – Excellent

5th house of Aquarius has Rahu [R] 12-52-10 – Very Good

7th house of Aries has Saturn 24-30-27 (Debilitated) – Challenging

8th house of Taurus has Mercury 15-35-53 – Challenging

9th house of Gemini has Sun 04-13-47 and Mars 17-47-54 (Enemy) – Excellent though Mars enemy

10th house of Cancer has Venus 09-40-01(Enemy) – Very Good

11th house of Leo has Ketu [R]12-52-10 – Very Good


RAH from 16/ 4/19 till 16/ 4/37

  • RAH – JUP till 22/ 5/24
  • RAH – SAT till 28/ 3/27


Lagna house has ASC Libra with Jupiter enemy position and retrograde, itself makes him a little unlucky with regards to his education and his political career since he would face obstacles in his life, including legal obstacles. Hence, he has to be very careful.

The 3rd house has Moon; that is excellent; so, he’s mentally a very tough person; mentally strong and agile and very close to his younger sibling or his sister; that is seen. He is also very close to his mother; mother is shown as auspicious for him and also he would be athletic and very healthy.

5th house has Rahu; this means from the personal point of view, there is trouble in becoming a father. Also, he is going through his Rahu mahadasha that has just started 3 years back. So even though his Rahu is well placed in the 5th house, by its inherent nature Rahu is very tricky and he will face twists and turns in his personal and professional life (political life). Basically that’s what we are seeing; he’s surrounded by legal cases and there will be twists and turns that come.

Right now his time is pretty tough, because he is in a Rahu-Jupiter antardasha till 2024; after that, his Rahu-Saturn antardasha comes till 2027. This is mainly because his 7th house has Saturn debilitated; that is a deep point of concern; that basically impacts his personal or his married life as well as his professional life or political life. Despite efforts, he would not rise in his career in politics and he will not be able to have a stable family life. This, in conjunction with 5th house Rahu, also means there is no gen-next. So the personal life is disturbed. But more importantly, with Saturn debilitated, he cannot play a top political game at the level at which his ambitions were; that is to become the Prime Minister of this country or leader of the Congress party.

With Saturn debilitated, he just cannot do it. Rahul ji will have to first of all do the remedies for Saturn and Jupiter; that is if he believes in astrology but that is only to stabilize his life to some extent. But even then, he cannot beat somebody like Narendra Modi ji; who has a power-packed chart. That is what Saturn in debilitation does to his chart.

In his 9th house, he has money, power and prestige but it is not due to his own hard work. It is inherited; basically; he would not be able to achieve much professionally. Had his Saturn been a little well-placed, he could have become a successful Congress president plus even the Prime Minister of this country for some time. The 9th house has Sun and Mars; now this is a very good house; this means from his father’s side he is getting a lot of luck. Sadly his father is not there. But there is a lot of luck and strength that comes to his chart via his father’s side. It makes him courageous, quick to act but sometimes he can be brash because his 8th house has Mercury; which is not a good placement for a politician. It means that when you are upset you can be brash, rash or say things that will hurt politically.

A successful politician should have Saturn and Mercury well placed; he does not have that. He is a nice person but not suited for politics. He can be a friend’s friend; he can tell the truth as he sees it. But that is not what vote bank politics is all about; it is about saying things very carefully.

Additionally, Mars is enemy positioned along with his Sun; this gives one a temper. When I see this in conjunction with his Mercury, I think he has a temper, an ego. You can be very strict and even tell people what they need to hear on the face; but that will not make him popular in a political setup where he has to take everybody along with him. That is why there is this deep divide within the Congress party as we are all seeing in the media. He knows the Congress is just imploding that is because the Congressmen are not hearing what they want to hear from him; he may be telling the truth but this is not what his party people want to you hear; so that doesn’t make him powerful in the political sphere.

He is born lucky; Venus is in the 10th house even though enemy-positioned. This means he would be wealthy, enjoy life, be popular with the opposite sex and good looking. But he would not be able to convert romantic liaisons into permanent relations. Basically, Venus enemy-positioned in the 10th house is not good for success in politics.

His last placement is Ketu in the 11th house; what that tells me is that even though he is well known but he has a care a damn attitude about it. I think he would have rather wished that he would have been born in a relatively anonymous family; as compared with one of the most known families in India. So again, he does not run after name and fame –in politics, that is very necessary. This allows people to take advantage of him.

Right now, Rahul ji has to be very careful. Rahu-Jupiter till 2024 is tricky; it will not help him politically and rightly so he has realised that. He is basically staying away from the process of electing the next Congress president. Legally he neds to be very careful as well. There could be trouble on the personal front and the professional front. After 2024 till 2027, is the time that he will be going towards or take sanyas from politics because this is not his cup of tea. He is just wasting time and he knows that.

Though the chart is still powerful, it is not the no this is not the chart of a top political leader of a country like India.

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