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Antony Blinken was born on April the 16th, 1962, 2:45:56 EST in Yonkers, New York, U.S.A.

His full name Antony John Blinken, is an American government official and diplomat serving as the 71st United States secretary of state since January 26, 2021. He previously served as deputy national security advisor from 2013 to 2015 and deputy secretary of state from 2015 to 2017 under President Barack Obama. He is the most powerful American official dealing for foreign affairs and is the counter part of equivalent to Indian Foreign Minster Dr. Jaishankar. I have done previous analysis of President Biden and Vice President Harris and you can read all about it in the link below; but I believe that given the weakness in her respective charts; the future of American diplomacy lies on his should res and how strong those shoulders are, let us find out. In my view, astrologically the best US present that is wating in the wings right now are Jeffery Bezos and Elon Musk and I will provide a like to their chart analysis too and at that time; American power which has been fading in recent years will again rise.

Birth Details

16/4/1962, 024556 Hours EST, Yonkers – NY

Lagna Chart

ASC Capricorn 28-00-42 as Saturn 17-02-30 (Lord House) and Ketu [R] 21-06-24- Excellent

2nd house of Aquarius has Jupiter 11-06-14 21-54-39 – Very Good

3rd house of Pisces has Mars 04-03-11 – Excellent

4th house of Aries has Sun 02-31-34 (Exalted), Mercury 02-47-02 and Venus 21-54-39 – Excellent

7th house of Cancer has Rahu [R] 21-06-24 – Very Good

8th house of Leo has Moon 21-48-29 – Challenging

Dasha for 2022

JUP – MON from 30/11/21 till 30/ 3/23


He is an excellent chart but there are limitations; he is very hard working has the attitude of not taking himself too seriously; can have fun; he belongs to wealthy family background – parents would have been auspicious for him; as would be this siblings; he is extremely wealthy himself; has landed property; wealth convinces; all the luxuries of life empire; he’s a perfect diplomat; being polite, sophisticated and also a very morally sound person; he is good looking; gets attracted to women and vice versa; would have multiple romantic liaisons and marriages and his romantic partners/spouse would always dominate him.

The problem that I see in this chart is that his Moon in the 8th house and it does not make him fit for high office; due to him not being able to handle stress; so most of the times he is not able to handle the stress and the pressures that are demanded from the job; at this level and specifically so right now when the war is going on between Ukraine and Russia actually it’s a proxy between the USA and Russia; like the Cold War.

With this in mind; right now even though he’s going through his auspicious Jupiter mahadasha and it’ll help him; it will make him very lucky; he would be able to manoeuvre through the twists and turns of geo political politics;  but barely; he will fall short during 2022. That is what America expects out of him; he will not be able to deliver; he will not be able to influence the world leaders and American influence will continue to decline till the next election; when there is a regime change and hopefully a much more assertive and powerful president; that the people of America and the people of the world expect to lead the world; will come to power.

So 2022 will be emotionally a very rough time for him, Blinken will have health issues; lifestyle related health issues; basically though his must be having the top notch healthcare facilities available; but he will have stress related health issues like blood pressure, diabetes and the heart issues will bother him; he will have to manage his health and yes 2022 is not a good time for him; specifically right now; as planets are start turning retrograde one after the other from May 2022; so if you thought that the time till now when all planets were direct was tough for him; just wait and see what’s around the corner when planets start going retrograde. This Russia Ukraine conflict will become unmanageable; if there is a lack of assertive and strong American leader or even our Indian Prime Minister Honourable Modi has played a very powerful role in talking to both the parties involved and in some instances; I’ve seen that he has been more influential than the Americans; so some tough leader has to take the call and get these two leaders to talk and end this war otherwise this only gets worse. This is not the chart of a tall leader.

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