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Employment and astrology – a new trend ?

I see this in two ways.

The first is that of the employer.

I may appear biased but this has been my take as I believe that charts can tell us about a person inside out and this cannot be gauged in an interview as people can try to fake things. Even charts can be faked to some extent and hence even the palm may be seen to checked for negative qualitied like emotional unstableness, dishonesty and aggression in the native. In my experience people can even fake the physiological test at the SSB for the armed forces and certain emotional issues cannot be gauged even by their medical board or even the candidates may not be knowing that they have certain borderline issues. So, the best way to really know about a personal is either to live with them or to get their charts analyzed. I have always advocated that people get the charts of their senior employees vetted by an astrologer, so that they can invest in the right candidate. This I feel as once a company hires someone in their senior roles, there is a lot of dependence on that person and also, they give a lot of authority to that person. In recent history of the corporate sector globally, there has been too much bad news about very senior people caught doing illegal activities or breaking the laws and that brings disrepute and legal trouble not only to the company but also the individual involved. Some companies even go bankrupt.

The second is that of the candidate

There may be privacy issues that the candidate has but he or she is already giving all their information to the employer for the interview, and this include invasive medical history. Though there are some laws in certain jurisdictions that say that one cannot be discriminated based on one’s disability, which may be beyond their control but the reality of this harsh world is that people are discriminated, based on race, gender, disability and routinely fired or not selected or promoted based on that basis. So, I do not see any trouble for a candidate to submit to getting their charts/palms checked by the employer as it would only be a win – win. This is as long as the employer is telling you about it before. Believe me there may be some employers/bosses who may be slyly checking your palm when you are talk to them or in a conversation take your birth time and then get your chart assessed.

The legalities of this you would need to ask a lawyer.

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