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Lady Gaga aka Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta is a very popular American singer.

Let me take a look at her chart.

Birth Details

  • 28/3/1986, 09.53 Hours, Manhattan – NY – USA

Lagna Chart

  • Asc Taurus 18-26-52 – Head strong
  • 6th house of Libra has Moon 17-11-01 and Ketu (R)07-34-15 – Sensitive and rebellious
  • 7th house of Scorpion has Saturn 15-58-29 (Enemy) – Would get married to a person in the same profession as hers but there would be trouble in the marriage due to career pressure and her rebellious and no nonsense nature.
  • 8th house of Sagittarius has Mars 06-34-31 – Health issues due to stress and lifestyle
  • 10th house of Aquarius has Mercury (R)24-25-43 and Jupiter 14-48-16 – Rich and would amass a huge fortune but there would be expenditures too
  • 11th house of Pisces has Sun 13-56-15 – Very famous, close to her father and intelligent
  • 12th house of Aries has Venus 00-27-54 and Rahu (R) 07-34-15 – Trouble/dissatisfaction with looks and would keep on changing is and be unsatisfied and also would be deeply spiritual. Marriage trouble.


  • Saturn from 17/ 1/06 to 17/ 1/25 – Doing well professionally and may even be in a relationship with someone in the same profession as her – but little mental peace
  • Mercury from 17/ 1/25 to 17/ 1/42 – Financially would do much better and could become a mother too.

Additional Information

  • She has a disbalanced chart and due to her rebellious and sensitive nature there could be health and family issues.
  • She is a rebel with a cause and she spreads her message by singing.
  • She is very intelligent
  • In one sentence – fame and fortune but no mental peace/happiness.

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