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2012 was a life-changing year for me. After wandering aimlessly for two years in Rishikesh, I met Swamiji. He told me things which I now know were predictions since they have turned out to be true. I did not approach him for predictions, nor is he an astrologer. He is a genuine Hindu monk. He also does not talk much. The knowledge that I learned about Yoga-Vedanta sitting at his feet and those of other Swamijis at the ashram has helped me make peace with my chart. It is only

then that I am able to help others.

Hindu scriptures clearly explain the meaning on this and every other form of life on earth. That is why Western philosophers say that Hinduism is a serious religion. Hinduism does not sugar-coat the truth.

As Swamiji says, the human mind is so fickle that if you have pain in the leg, the mind will focus on that and you cannot meditate. So just consider this: How can anyone who is only concerned about their own life /chart/welfare help others?

The irony is that I got hooked onto astro-palmistry by fate. In 1989, when I was at college, a “palmist” in Manipal area predicted that I would die a violently by way of a road accident in 1993. I took this to heart and decided not to worry about my life but enjoy the ride regardless. Many folks do not understand this. If I wanted I could have ignored this too but your life is always based on the choices you make or karma and they are dictated by your chart and / or palm.

The other reason I dove into astro-palmistry was to see how another human being could make such a sweeping statement. Formally, I came out with a first class BE degree; but informally, it was palmistry and astrology that I learnt.

Needless to say, my father was happy that his son had become an engineer now. After all, it was he who was funding it all!

Accepting death and the futility of asking for more life was initially tough. However, much later, in 2012, it was revealed to me that this is exactly what the Hindu scriptures say. Since then, I have never visited another astrologer or palmist.

An example of going with the flow and enjoying the ride that is life was when I appeared for the Indian Air Force SSB in 1991 for the fun of it. However, I ended up being selected – one of the 3 out of 160 engineers to have got through in Mysuru.

But destiny wanted me to do Government service overseas, and I ended up in Canada. I had never planned this.

Also, I can understand why such a dire prediction about death by road accident was made about me and is made to so many others every day. You ride a bike, are young, and given the number of road fatalities, the chances of it happening to anyone is high. But this is not palmistry or astrology. It is quackery.

I realised that I was not the only person to whom such statements were being made – so many youngsters contact me since, saying someone has told them they will die early. So, I also burst myths related with astrology and palmistry.

I believe in Sanatana Dharma. The concept of Karma is integral to this. I firmly believe that one is judged by their karma in this birth and the subsequent. Rest, I urge you to read the scriptures of all religions, and take your own learnings from them.

Last, people ask me – you are an astrologer and did you not foresee all this happening in your life ? My answer is yes definitely things are happening, right from birth, as per my chart and reflected in my palm but I don’t see my chart/palm so often and so deeply anymore. In fact, you would be amused to know that there have been some loving clients who have shown my chart to other astrologers or have done self-astrology and / or palmistry and have told me some predictions only to be disappointed when told that my 10th standard birth details are not accurate. I don’t know why, but in those days the birth details were often changed by the parents! I have also told those clients/friends that doing this with me is crossing the Lakshman Rekha.

When the timing is right, I will publicly analyse my chart / palm and show you how dangerously accurate astrology and palmistry can be.

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