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I am asked this question by countless young people.

It is not that simple to answer such questions as there are always infinite permutations and combinations as there are infinite type of IAS officers – right from the very low key and diligent ones to the high profile ones. But one thing that they all have in common is excellence in academics.

As to become an IAS officer one would need to ace the UPSC examinations and the interview. Now a days due to the supply and demand issue it has become much more difficult to ace the UPSC and become an IAS officer and hence a better career oriented chart (even at the cost of personal life) is required.

The planet in vedic astrology which signifies excellence in academics and research is Jupiter or Guru.
Though it mainly stands for progeny or the gen next but can be a good indicator of the success of a person due to his/her knowledge.

That having been said to be a successful and well known IAS officer one needs much more firepower in his / her chart apart from an auspicious Jupiter.

One would additionally need a powerful lagna house at the very minimum.

To illustrate this better let me as a case study discuss the two charts. The first one is of one of the best known IAS officers of my time Shri T.N. Seshan and the second one of Smt. Smitha Sabharwal an IAS officer of the 2001 batch and also known as the people’s officer for her many public centred initiatives. She is presently Secretary to CM – Government of Telangana.

Shri T. N. Seshan – the 10th Election Commissioner of India and a 1955 batch IAS officer.

Birth Details

  • 15/12/1932 1932, 0800 Hours, Palghat (Now in Kerala)

Lagna Chart

  • ASC Sagittarius 18-58-18 has Sun 00-00-45 – Excellent leadership skills
  • 2nd house of Capricorn has Saturn 09-18-14 – Excellent as Saturn is in its lord house (Good family background lead to him having an excellent education).
  • 3rd house of Aquarius has Rahu [R] 18-52-34
  • 7th house of Gemini has Moon 22-19-12 – Stable and strong marriage and also Moon and Sun at 180 degrees is very auspicious.
  • 9th house of Leo has Mars 20-16-41, Jupiter 29-24-54 and Ketu [R] 18-52-34 – Excellent 9th house with powerfully placed Jupiter at nearly 30 degrees makes it more powerful and gives him success in career due to his education plus wealth and fortune.
  • 11th house of Libra has Venus 29-22-53 – This house made him famous throughout India as a no nonsense Election Commissioner.
  • 12 house of Scorpion has Mercury 11-26-00 – Ready to sacrifice comforts for the sake of his duty and also makes him spiritual by nature and an expert in occult sciences (astrology, palmistry).

Further Analysis

  • The combination of Jupiter in the 9th house at nearly 30 degrees (which made him good at studies) combined with the rest of his 9th house (which made him rise in his career), his excellent 11th house(which made him a household name), his lagna house (which gave him his no nonsense approach and fearless spirit) and last but not the least having Saturn in its lord house which gave him a solid foundation for lasting success in his life – is indeed a combination that very few people would be blessed with.
  • No wonder there has been only one TN Seshan till date!

Smt. Smitha Sabharwal an IAS officer of the 2001 batch and presently Secretary to CM – Government of Telangana. She topped the UPSC with the 4th rank.

Birth Details (not confirmed)

  • 19/6/1977, 0815 Hours, Darjeeling – WB

Lagna Chart

  • ASC Cancer 19-36-53 has Saturn 20-21-19 and Moon 00-15-31 – Excellent would take her career to lofty heights
  • 3rd house of Virgo has Rahu [R] 27-22-56 – Excellent
  • 9th house of Pisces has Ketu [R] 27-22-56 – Excellent for career and interest in doing public good
  • 10th house of Aries has Mars 16-03-26 and Venus 18-30-06 – Excellent for career related fame and wealth
  • 11th house of Taurus has Mercury 21-25-37 and Jupiter 23-29-23 – Excellent in academics and would also live in comforts like a queen
  • 12th house of Gemini has Sun 04-10-46

Further Analysis

  • So as you can see that her excellent lagna house, combined with excellent 9th, 10th and 11th houses (with Jupiter in the 11th house) would have ensured that due to her academics she has come a long way and in all probability she would reach the pinnacles of public service.

Final Analysis

As you can see above are the charts of two IAS officers born early 50 years apart but what remains common is their powerfully placed Jupiter which made them excel in their studies and got them into the prestigious IAS and both their charts have so much fire power that they would be names to recon with in the annals of Indian Administrative Service for the time to come.

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