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These days with the advent of fast computers, softwares and artificial intelligence; one can get multiple sectional charts/predictions in a matter of seconds. So you can get your D1, D9 or D10 charts or whatever chart you want in a matter of seconds. This is good because you have more information but for prediction matters, which is the main reason why people believe in astrology, sometimes all these multiple charts can be too much information and can lead to inaccurate interpretations/predictions and irrelevant information coming out which really has no bearing on ones life.

There are two aspects of astrology; one is the theoretical which is huge and ever expanding and the second is the applied aspect or the prediction part; where you have to make predictions that have to be accurate.

The birth chart or the lagna chart or D1 chart is the most critical chart in Vedic astrology. Hence first the birth chart or the lagna chart or the D1 chart has to be studied in detail and remedies done.

As per my experience, I would humbly like to state that I am able to root out all issues that a person may be having in his or her life from the lagna chart itself. But when a person requests, I do go into their divisional charts, but it has to be remembered that your lagna chart still cannot be ignored. You first have to do the remedies for your lagna chart and then if required, one can adjust/tweak the remedies after studying the requested divisional chart. Some people just totally focus as per the divisional charts.

To interpret the divisional charts in isolation and doing remedies as per them leads to absolutely wrong predictions and no relief for the individual.

Hence for your case also, first the lagna chart has to be studied in detail; and remedies as appropriate have to be done for the lifetime. After that if you require then we can study the D10 chart and may be fine tune the predictions and the remedies.

The different aspects of one’s life are all interrelated. For example professional problems could be due to some other problem in your personality, in your surroundings, in your education, in your health; and in the lagna chart everything comes out.

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