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This question was asked by me this AM when i got the horrific news of our beloved leader Madam Sushma Swaraj’s sudden passing away by a cardiac arrest in New Delhi.

It was widely reported in the media hat she had been keeping unwell for some time now but this news came as a shock to me and once again reinforced the uncertainty of life and why we all must make use of each and every breath that God has given us.

Sushsma ji was active till the end, with her tweeting about the passage of the historic Article 370 abolishment bill yesterday evening at around 1930 hours and then it was reported that at 2100 hours she passed away.

What a wonderfully lived life till her last breath.

Madam has touched the life of many ordinary Indians when she was India’s external affairs minister in NDA 1 under the able leadership of our Beloved PM Shri Narendra Modi.


This is my way of paying tribute to late Smt. Sushma Swaraj ji.

Birth Details

  • 14/2/1952, 0415 Hours, Ambala – Haryana


Lagna Chart and its explanation

  • ASC Sagittarius 12-35-32 has Venus 27-55-54 – Excellent lagna house, good fortune, material enjoyments in life, loving husband and life partner of own choice
  • 2nd house of Capricorn has Mercury 24-43-39 – Born in a very good family and had loving parents
  • 3rd house of Aquarius has Sun 01-00-28 and Rahu [R] 07-56-22 – Had siblings but relationship with them above average (or fluctuating), infact she would be the source of great help and support to them, despite hardships
  • 4th house of Pisces has Jupiter 19-37-31 – Excellent for education, intelligent children, good luck , prosperity and very close to mother as Jupiter in own home.
  • 9th house of Leo has Ketu [R] 07-56-22 – Excellent for career or profession but she worked for the welfare of others
  • 10th house of Virgo has Moon 03-34-50 and Saturn [R]21-24-14 – Excellent for wealth, emotional stability, mental strength and also a lot of hard work due to which she rose in her public life. It is important to note that her Saturn was retrograde and even though in the auspicious 10th house it would have given her stress .
  • 11th house of Libra has Mars 17-07-12 – Excellent for fame and fortune and leadership ability


  • SATURN – MARS till 16/ 8/19 – She passed away on her own terms in her retrograde Saturn period which started from January 2006 and was till January 2025. Her Saturn even though giving her career rewards would also have given her immense stress due to her work which caused stress related ailments and her retrograde Saturn took her to the heavens before its ending.

Additional Analysis

  • It’s a life well lived but the combination of her Sun and retrograde Saturn would have given her stress/stress related ailments due to which she eventually succumbed in the fag end of her Saturn mahadasha period.
  • Her Lagna house combined with her 2nd, 4th, 9th, 10th and 11th houses ensured that she rose through her hard work to a life of fame and fortune.
  • I have observed a trend that when ones Saturn mahadasha comes after the age of 50 years and is either ill placed or retrograde then the person has to take incredible care of himself/herself during the dasha’s entirety.
  • Even if Saturn is well placed and the mahadasha comes after the age of 50, it would bring increased job responsibilities, work pressure and stress and one has to take care.
  • The people whose ill placed or retrograde Saturn comes in the early part of their life, can deal with the stress but would have to sacrifice in terms of severe career damage in no remedy is done.
  • The lucky ones are those whose Saturn mahadasha does not come in their life cycle.
  • Hence even though Sushmaji’s Saturn was excellently placed in her 10th house along with her Moon but it being retrograde extracted its pound of flesh by giving her health issues.
  • India remains indebted to this daughter of the soil who worked very hard despite the obstacles and with a smile on her face all her life for the people of her country.
  • Technical Note : As long as she was born on the said date, month, year and place (regardless of her time of birth) – the dasha periods would not change.. This time of birth seems to be accurate as it places her retrograde Saturn in an auspicious house and hence she got was successful in her career despite the stress. Due to her retrograde Saturn in the 10th house she was able to cope with it from 2006 till yesterday night. This point could be taken as a learning note for budding astrologers for birth time rectification purposes.

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