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A close relative of mine (my maternal uncle); who was a brave and dashing young Indian army captain; took a bullet to his spine in the 1971 war, deep inside enemy territory and instantly his body was paralysed waist down. He was 30 years old at that time and unmarried and remained so till the end of his life. Of course he was well taken care of financially by his employer. Seeing him suffer had a deep impact in my mind and similar must be what many families in this country go through every day.

Late (Maj). Retd. Dharam Bhushan Sabharwal

Lagna Chart

ASC Taurus 28-32-47 has Sun 24-02-08 (Enemy) – Headstrong, bold but easy to anger, close to father though relation up and down due to enemy positioned Sun. Father auspicious for him.

2nd house Gemini has Moon 18-21-04, Mars 20-45-0 (Enemy), Mercury 12-32-42 (Lord House) and Venus [R] 20-08-45 – Loner, emotionally tough, wealthy, would live-in material comfort, good looking and could be very sophisticated and charming when he wanted to. Had a gentlemanly side, unlucky in marriage/romantic life, would not be able to enjoy his life.

5th house of Virgo has Rahu [R] 24-06-23- Loved children but tricky in having own children due to 12th house Jupiter and Kaal Sarpa Dosha. Would have been rebellious from birth, a non-conformist. All houses from 5th house Rahu till 11th house Ketu are empty and hence no family life of own, was also born in his Rahu mahadasha and hence was destined for sudden mishap.

11th house of Pisces has Ketu [R] 24-06-23 – Disinterested in name, fame and relations with elder sibling or lost elder siblings.

12th house Aries has Saturn 16-45-33(Debilitated) and Jupiter 11-56-44 – Unlucky in profession, not interested in education or vidya, no biological children, legal issues, forced retirement from job, got injured in his debilitated Saturn mahadasha and in his SAT-MAR antardasha.

Dashas since childhood

Jupiter mahadasha from 30/ 8/42 till 30/ 8/58 – Disinterested in education.

Saturn (debilitated) mahadasha from 30/ 8/58 till 30/ 8/77 – In 1971 war, got permanently injured.

Saturn (debilitated) – Mars (Enemy) – From 2/3/1971 till 19/4/1972 – Time period of the 1971 war and he got injured during this time.

Lord House Mercury mahadasha from August 1977 till August 1994 – Was able to live a materially comfortable life.

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