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These are the do’s and don’ts of how to go about asking an astrologer or a palmist questions so that you get a satisfactory response. Many a times, I encounter people who have told me that they have been to many astrologers and the predictions have never been accurate. As a result, many also complain about the validity of astrology. In my humble opinion this is not possible since multiple astrologers cannot be wrong.

You have to remember that astrology is very serious business. An astrologer is telling you about your future accurately and hence you have to know how to ask the right question and when to stop asking. This is because some people, especially when given a bad prediction or sometimes even a good one, keep on wanting to ask again and again or persisting due to anxiety or ego. Mostly people do not feel comfortable with the reality that their life or destiny is actually not in their hands. It takes a lot of maturity and life experiences to realise that.

The persistence is in the hope that the astrologer or palmist would change his words. Sometimes the astrologer can under your pressure. But I can assure you that is just to get rid of your asking the same question. The first thing that he/she tells you on seeing the chart or the first involutary reaction or the mood shift is normally the real truth; as he or she sees it. This is in the case of most astrologers, who I believe, know what they are talking about. Now some can hide their feelings well.

As in every profession even in astrology there are people who do not know what they are talking about and that you can come to know about that. As in astrology the proof is always in the pudding, what is being told about your past, present and future should be in line with what is happening in your real life.

As mentioned, you have to remember that the astrologer is a human being. They also have their chart and, many a times, despite seeing (especially) dire situations, they may not want to tell you the bad news. In our polite Indian culture, we are not comfortable giving bad news. Unless, of course, the astrologer’s chart is powerful and he or she is able to tell you things as they see it or wants to tell you the truth as they see it.

There are also many anecdotal tales related to superstitions that some astrologers have about giving dire predictions – That it would result in their suffering or burning in hell. As I said everyone has a chart; as per my humble opinion, all this is just hearsay or fairy tales not based on facts.

As long as the astrologer is predicting to the best of his or her capability, they are, in my opinion, reading God’s message to you; that the purpose why you were born on this planet for this life. This is a noble profession. The astrologer did not make your life; your own Karma of the past births made it. Going forward also it is your karma that will dictate how your life shapes out along with the remedies.

The remedies play a very important part but you have to remember that doing good Karma is very important along with the remedies as Vedic astrology is also based on the theory of Karma.

Let me now go sequentially as to the do’s and dont’s

  1. Give the complete and accurate birth details or show your palm or picture of your palm as required. If you do not know your exact birth details or astrologically accurate birth details please get it determined or rectified first.
  2. In the olden days people used to go to astrologers at their home and the astrologers used to know the family; so the contextual information was already there with the astrologers. These days that luxury is no longer available because many of us are living away from our place of origin or just do not have time to visit an astrologer physically. More so after COVID, online or phone/video consultations have taken on big time; one can take service from any astrologer sitting anywhere in the world. Hence you have to give your contextual information to the astrologer. Tell him/her about yourself; what you do; your family; your education; your marriage status. Tell him/her the problems that you are facing, whatever that may be. Sometimes they may ask for a picture of the face or of the palm as required.
  3. Ask your questions to the point regarding any and even all areas of your life as per the astrologer’s request. And also tell them what remedies, if any, you are already doing any. For example, if you have had experiences (good or bad) with any gemstones in the past.
  4. In cases of online astrology, the luxury is that the astrologer can take his time to do your chart calculation and check your palm pictures at his/her own pace. Remember this is not something that can be rushed or done on an industrial scale. Then at a suitable time he will get back to you and you will see that not only does he/she cover the area that you have asked but he or she can cover all aspects of your life – past, present and future. This depends from astrologer to astrologer – some astrologers are more elaborate in the explanation, some talk less, some just talk to the point. So as I said they are also human beings and they have their way of communication. So if you’re in a rush and the astrologer is saying that he/she cannot meet your deadline, it is not wise to put pressure on him/her because he/she will rush through the thing and the loser will be you.
  5. Please remember since you have given money for consultation, be patient and hear him/her out completely first. Do not disturb his or her talk because the chain of thought can go. Most of the times, astrologers use various ways of predictions. This is as per my own experience as I may use each and every information that I can get – the picture of the face, the palm, the vibrations from phone/chat/way of writing, the Vedic chart – lagna chart (or even divisional on request); Western astrological chart, numerology. It is all a mixture plus the contextual information that you have given. It all goes into my mind, it is processed and there is an element of sixth sense and then out comes the answer. So when an astrologer is answering please do not interject with your own knowledge of astrology. Listen to what he/she is saying. Later you can discuss if you have your opinion but after you have completely listened. This I say as if your question includes your own interpretation of the chart, it could be possible that the astrologer, he has his own way of predicting, the base is always in Vedic astrology – the 12 houses and the 9 planets; but you never know how the astrologer processes that information. This as while the astronomy part or what our great astrologers in the past have devised is science, so it is all computerized and machines can pop out your chart in milli seconds; but predicting how those planets will impact any person on Planet Earth is an art in the hands of an able and learned astrologer. So give him his/her time and listen.
  6. One more very important point is once he/she have told you the predictions, try to avoid stretching the question or asking the same question again and gain or pressing the astrologer for whatever reason. After seeing the chart I can come to know the reaction too. If the astrologer does not have a tough personality/chart, then he/she thinks of a way to ease out without ruffling feathers. Will just tell you whatever is appropriate and in decent positive limits giving slight indications of the negative. If you keep on asking the same questions he/she may just try to bypass that question or agree with you and get out. But if you go to a good astrologer and you repeat the same behavioral trend; then it is a very slippery slope because he or she may say things which you may not be able to digest. Example – Once when I visited the outpatient department in my student days at KMC Manipal (1988-92 era) and was insistent on getting a CAT scan of the head; because I had a headache and the junior doctor in the OPD had said “it could be a brain hemorrhage”. So I went to the neurology department and I talked to the staff and said I wanted a CAT scan. Those days we had a KMC Medicare card for 400 rupees for 4 years and we did not have to pay anything extra. The HOD, an exceedingly educated and moral but strict person, came to me and said, “Sir, you have to pay for it as we don’t think that you have a problem with the brain. So please go and get ₹600.” I went back to my hostel collected ₹600, literally begging for it and with all the change went back to the HOD and said, “Sir please do my CAT scan now.” He did not take the money; but beforehand only told me that after the CAT scan you come and meet me. I am telling you it will be normal. Next day or after two days I went to him with the CAT scan report and it was written normal. I sat in his office he then told me you know in this normal report how many problems I can find out? With astrologers too, do not push them – otherwise they will start telling you adverse things which will have no impact on your life but can scar you. If you are unhappy or if you feel one astrologer has told you something very adverse; you have full freedom to take a second opinion that is absolutely independent of the first.
  7. Don’t take astrology as a time pass. Some people just go to an astrologer to just have a feel good day. They think their chart is good or their palm is good they will go and they will show it and they will want to hear good things to feel happy; that is a very slippery slope because this astrology and palmistry is serious business and you can come out shocked. As despite the fact that most astrologers are good but some especially the ones who see money in your chart can scare you to extract money and psychologically scar you for life.
  8. Do the remedies religiously. Wear the gemstones as recommended as they become an extension of your body; they should never be taken off. Wear them as the astrologer tells you. Same with other forms of remedies. Of course you have the right to tell the astrologer what kind of remedies you are looking for; sometimes people don’t like wearing gemstones; some people don’t feel they can be regular with chanting mantras.
  9. An astrologer or palmist upon analysis of the chart or palm can come to know what the how the person will react to the prediction and they are mostly mature enough to handle it; though sometimes people who are going through very bad time can lash out. In such cases, generally, the astrologer is compassionate. This is also one of the reasons why if astrologers see a very bad chart, then they will avoid telling the truth. They may just in their own way try to manage the situation as best as they can. On the other hand is results on the party saying that my predictions were not accurate. Hence if you are in too much distress, the same will come out in the chart and it is wise to send a loved one or go with a loved on to an astrologer. 
  10. You have to remember that in astrologer is a neutral person he has no axe to grind. Many astrologers are qualified people, people in high office, and have excellent charts. Such astrologers are more likely to tell you everything they see. For many, astrology stated as a hobby and they have monetized their hobby or some even do it free. But please remember they do not wear their astrologer’s hat all the time. So if you know somebody who is an astrologer do not ask him questions about astrology all the time; because they do need their downtime . Take an appointment and then go to them when the astrologer’s hat is on. People wear multiple hats – they may be corporate people, qualified bureaucrats, officers, sportsmen, retired people with strong charts; and at the same time very great astrologers. An example is ex Election Commissioner – the man who changed the face of how elections are held in India and introduced the voter id card – Late Shri TN Seshan, IAS, who was known to be an excellent astrologer.

I hope these help you the next time you consult an astrologer.

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