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COVID 19 has hit us when we least expected it. Or is it ? Ask yourself and if you are deeply connected to yourself you would get the answer.

I have been posting my predictions on this pandemic with great humility.

These predictions come as a combined result of my own knowledge of Vedic astrology , Western astrology, Sciences, a deep connection with my surroundings and last but not the least God given 6th sense/ESP/ Vibrations.

All the above is always churning in my head and what comes out are predictions.

(1)  On MARCH 26, 2020 – I emailed as below

(2) On APRIL 13, 2020 – I emailed as below

(3) On April 25, 2020 – I emailed

(4) On May 16, 2020 – I emailed

Summary of my emails above 

Corona Virus is clearly a message from the heavens to us humans to change our ways towards the planet earth and other forms of life on it.

This pandemic was first noticed by the normal everyday people in India around the last week of February. When I travelled from Ahmadabad to Bangalore on March 4th 2020, there were people in the aircraft/airport wearing masks.

Many friends in Ahmadabad ask me why did I leave in early March, on a journey planned in end December / beginning January?  I do not have a logical answer for them as I had no conscious inkling of the pandemic hitting India and Ahmadabad being among the worst hit. Maybe this decision was made at a subconscious level, as is mostly the case with me. Definitely God helped me and motivated me further to do good karma.

Now coming back to the Corona issue.

Astrologically till April 25th, 2020; all the planets were direct and hence the efforts of the government and citizens would bring in the desired results. April 25th, Pluto went retrograde but its impact was only slight and hence the lockdown was eased. I had hoped that latest by May 10th, 2020, we would have a good control over the pandemic; as after that one after the other major planets started going retrograde. Hence there would be obstructions and distractions in India’s fight against the pandemic.

This would continue till around mid November 2020(there would be graded relief starting in mid and end September), after which there could be some concrete solution. This as again after mid-November all planets would be direct.

2021 would be a much better year with all planets direct till May 2021.

But if human beings do not take this message from the heavens/nature seriously, then this may be just the start.

What each of us has to do?

 As the Holy Bhagavad-Gita has been saying from ancient times – It is not enough to be legally correct; being morally and ethically correct is equally important.

India has divine protection and would not be as badly impacted as other countries

Hari On Tat Sat



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