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Rajneesh (born Chandra Mohan Jain on 11 December 1931 and attained samadhi on 19 January 1990), also known as Acharya Rajneesh, Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, and later as Osho came from relative humble beginnings. The death of his grandfather and a close friend impacted him deeply and he got infatuated by death. At the age of 21 he attained spiritual awakening.

Obsession with death, the spiritual awakening and being a rebel with a cause, eventually led to him shed his successful profession in academia at the University of Jabalpur. He turned him into a deep-thinker, philosopher, mystic, and the founder of the global Rajneesh movement.

He spoke his mind and due to his new theories on religion and meditation, which had a disdain for traditional religious practices, he rubbed one and all who mattered in politics, administration and religion the wrong way. Thus, he created powerful enemies. Due to this he had to relocate first from India to the US in the late 1970s and then back to India in 1986.  

(Photo by Matthew NAYTHONS/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

Birth Details

11/12/1931; 1225 (determined by self-based on publicly available information); Kuchwada Village – Raisen District – MP – India

Attained Samadhi aged 58 years on 19th January 1990 at Pune – MH – India

Lagna Chart

ASC Aquarius 24-29-05 – Extremely intelligent, practical, adventurous and risk taker; also Aquarius at around 25 degrees gives him some amount of naivety

2nd house of Pisces has Rahu [R] 08-28-24 – Rahu is placed in a good house but due to mild Kaal Sarpa Dosha (MKSD), it becomes tricky. This means that he would have scant little to do with his family, which would be a good family. He would move away from the family or from his family wealth and the relation with family for life would be tricky but not harmful in any way. It is to be mentioned that Osho achieved the greatest amount in his life during his Rahu Mahadasha which is discussed below and due to Rahu/MKSD.  He achieved all sorts of spiritual awakening, followers, wealth, name, fame, life of luxury, also due to the other planets which were indirectly influencing him all the times during his Rahu mahadasha. Nonetheless Rahu, by its inherent nature, is tricky. Due to his naivety or living in his own world at that time, he could be unaware of the tricks that Rahu was playing behind the back. Or it could be said that he was not interested in anything that was happening behind his back. It is a matter of conjecture whether he knew about it or did not know about it, or came to know about the tricks when it was too late. But from his chart it can be said that it was an auspicious but tricky time. It is also possible that he knew that his end was near in such a fashion. Because he was on top of his Rahu.

6th house of Cancer has Jupiter [R]29-41-50 (Exalted) – Now this is the placement that made him highly educated person who is in deep search of knowledge. Jupiter exalted means that the person does not see knowledge as only a source of making money but is really interested in knowledge; is obsessed with it. But Jupiter is not only in the 6th house but it is also retrograde; hence, it means a rebellious attitude, making strong and powerful enemies. The stronger is his desire to gain knowledge the more powerful are the enemies that he would make. The rebellious nature at the core of his existence would help him a lot too.

But eventually it landed him in legal trouble which was very high profile. By that I mean it was not legal trouble related to one piece of land or divorce but legal trouble at the level of with governments and countries. Such is the high level of legal trouble seen. Eventually, he went away in his 6th house Jupiter Mahadasha itself, that also in a grand way of attaining samadhi, as per his own definition of it. This even though he rubbed people the wrong way. But his chart shows that he lived as per his belief – he lived his version of a true life. He did not betray himself and he regarded himself as God or a God man.

This chart has been delicately drawn by me and hence Jupiter at nearly at 30 degrees will also give some benefic impacts of the 7th house. So even though he was unmarried, he was very popular with women. In fact he had a magnetic power over the opposite sex due to his knowledge. But that created enemies and jealousies and also shaped his philosophy. His many followers were also women.

8th house of Virgo has Ketu [R]08-28-24 – This means scant regard for one’s health; so he was not much concerned about himself. He was not the sort of person to worry about minor ailments; he was above it all but due to the health issues are seen.

10th house of Scorpion has Sun 25-22-31 – This house made him courageous, bold, fearless, speak his mind out, be prompt and fast to take action, wealthy beyond his wildest imagination, have a position of authority – great authority and extremely intelligent and lucky. It also shows that he could have had a government job which he did have initially; it shows people would be the source of his wealth whether it be the taxpayer or his followers.

11th house of Sagittarius has Moon 19-35-54, Mars 07-59-27, Mercury 13-28-18, Venus 19-01-35 and Saturn 28-31-58 (Power Packed and make him very lucky) – This is the clincher house for him. This means many things. On one level, it means emotionally he was very stable. He came from a very good family. It may have been a modest family but it was by no way a poor family though it was nothing compared to what he became. Again a life of comfort is seen with all the wealth. When he wanted, he could get along with people. He could have lot of following; name, fame, prestige, honour everything is seen. He would act at the right time and clinch opportunities to his benefit.

Mercury in this house means that he was very well spoken; an excellent communicator. He was refined, lived a life of luxury and comfort – a higher level of life. This is the chart of a life of a king with all the amenities that luxury can buy.

Venus in this house helped shaped his philosophy – that you could be PART of the world but not attached to it. Now Venus in this house means that he liked all the material luxuries in life and he had no aversion to it. He lived the life of comfort and luxury with all the material amenities. He was popular with women (and Men due to Mercury), who came in droves as his followers.

Saturn in this house is an interesting placement and means that due to his own hard work or his karma on this planet, he would become famous, very famous and powerful. His name and fame would exceed continental boundaries but it is to be observed again this is a delicate calculation. Saturn at 28 degrees means that his professional or his karma on this planet could lead him to his passing since Saturn has a slip out to the 12th house. His name due to whatever he has done on this planet would be known much beyond his days on this planet.

Dashas from birth till death

VEN -20 Years 11/12/31 – 18/ 7/42 – Excellent

SUN -6 Years 18/ 7/42 – 18/ 7/48 – Excellent

MON -10 Years 18/ 7/48 – 18/ 7/58 – Excellent

MAR -7 Years 18/ 7/58 – 18/ 7/65 – Excellent

RAH -18 Years 18/ 7/65 – 18/ 7/83 – All his dashas or his time till 1965 was very good. This was a higher level chart. His second house Rahu meant that from 1965 onwards he started having feelings of detachment from the house or family. That thought may have been in him for very long. However, due to MKSD and the Rahu Mahadasha, he made successful attempts to dis-associate himself from his family or known people and get into deep spirituality or deep thinking. Rahu/MKSD on one hand bought him lot of name, fame, power, prestige, wealth, and life of luxury. On the other hand, either due to his naivety or due to him ignoring the fact or getting out of touch with reality due to immense popularity or maybe he knew his time was coming to an end… Such people know their fate and they roll into their destiny knowingly, and also because he had a infatuation with death.

Hence, things were happening during his Rahu Mahadasha that took him, made him, made him a self-declared God or Bhagwan. But behind his back there was always trouble and tricky scenarios going on. But nothing would happen to him in terms of him leaving the planet. Rahu took him overseas also; he travelled all over the world; stayed overseas far away from his place of birth in luxury and then in his Rahu Mahadasha only he returned back to his place of birth. But due to his upcoming Jupiter Mahadasha, there was some rumbling. Due to the multiple reasons that I have mentioned (and it is not confirmed), if he ignored it despite knowing it or if he did not know it till it was too late. My gut is that he knew everything and he went along with it because he knew this is what this life has in store for him.

JUP -16 Years 18/ 7/83 – 18/ 7/99 – Now this was the period where for every two steps forward there would have been one step back. For the first time in his life, he would have felt somewhat perplexed (or he knew it was coming as per my gut); but he had to go through his share of sufferings due to Rahu and Jupiter. Hence, in his 6th house exalted and retrograde Jupiter Mahadasha, due to whatever he did in his life due to his own Karma and more so in his previous Rahu Mahadasha when he created powerful enemies behind his back, he was not to survive this. Again either it could be a health issue because there are some indications that he would ignore his health but it is also possible that there could have been some enemy or very high level of enmity in his life that cannot be ruled out at all.

  • JUP – MER from 18/3/88 till 24/ 6/90 – Why I say he attained Moksha during this time is because he passed away during one of the best times on his life – when he was at his rebellious best and living a very comfortable life. It is very much possible in light of him having a spiritual awakening that he could have foreseen what lay ahead of him and when he would go away. Such people can also decide their time of passing or they do what destiny has in store for them. I do not think that souls like Rajneesh will come back because they lived a life that was true to themselves; he became one with God as per his philosophy. He is misunderstood; but one needs a detailed and careful study to really understand where he was coming from.

Note –

I am only slightly educated about his theories and I do not claim to be an expert in religious studies or religion. Hence, I would not like to add anything further other than my astrological opinions here, with a slight spiritual or philosophical angle that I decipher from his chart.

Hari Om Tat Sat

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