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Navjot Singh Sidhu needs no introduction in India and around the word, ex- Indian cricketer, commentator, comedy show host, politician and a family man. He has again landed into controversy with him being sent to prison by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.

Birth Details

20/10/1963; 1430 Hours (determined by Birth time determination method), Patiala, Punjab, India

Lagna Chart

ASC Capricorn 24-21-19 has Saturn [R] 23-05-39 (Lord House) – Excellent though Saturn retrograde. This placement will make him professionally very active; he will do well in his professions; he will be very active and always doing something; coming up with creative ideas to increase his earnings; he will be a karamyogi; even though he is born in a very rich house/family, due to his exalted Mercury in the 9th house; but he will nonetheless try to work very hard and make his own life; though there are obstructions seen on the way due to Saturn being retrograde and I know from watching Sidhu over many years that he deeply believes in astrology and is a devout Lord Shiva follower; and I think he knows his chart pretty well and though there are some very excellent placements but there are some very challenging placements also and that is why he seems to be always doing the astrological remedies and that is what has kept him in good stead but still remedies can only do so much. He was born in his Saturn mahadasha and that is what kept him going and doing very well and working very hard in his initial years despite all the obstacles due to his Sun, Moon, Rahu and Ketu.

3rd house of Pisces has Jupiter [R] 19-32-03 (Lord House) – Excellent though Jupiter retrograde – this placement with Jupiter in its lord house again; being his third house makes him one who is very lucky; he was born with a little silver spoon in his mouth; he will have healthy children who will be the source of good luck for him but he would not be so much interested in education. As his Jupiter is retrograde but in its lord house, being his third house means that he will do very well in sports, which would open a lot of doors for him.  He will achieve everything but he will never become the captain of the cricket team; so though he will do very well in sports; exceedingly well; but he will never reach the top position that is because of his retrograde Jupiter and also some stress with the siblings are seen; in fact there is stress seen with his side of the family including mother, father and siblings. Except his children and his spouse with whom he is very close; there is stress seen in his relations. I’ve have seen him many times wearing the yellow sapphire; as I said he deeply believes in astrology and spirituality. His Jupiter mahadasha will not come in his lifetime

6th house of Gemini has Rahu [R] 21-51-08 – Challenging – Now this is a very challenging placement for him and this is what causes him to rub people the wrong way and get into legal trouble; all sorts of trouble; there will be controversies in his life related to all sorts of issues – personal and professional; wherever he goes, he will be a maverick kind of person; he will on purpose be sometimes saying things that offend people; while at the same time he could be a very warm hearted and sensitive person also. So his Rahu causes him all sorts of trouble throughout his life; he will have many powerful enemies and also this will ultimately impact his health. He is very lucky that most probably his Rahu mahadasha will not come in his lifetime; as it is very late in his dasha cycle from 15/12/48 – 15/12/66; after his debilitated Sun and Moon mahadashas; which would by themselves be very challenging.

9th house of Virgo has Mercury 22-20-04 (Exalted) – Super Excellent placement and born with a silver spoon in his mouth. This is a placement which makes him very lucky; he is born with a silver spoon in his mouth; lady luck will be with him all the time; when he wants, he can be very sophisticated. This placement means that from the father side the inheritances and luck will favour him; so, there will be so much of positive cosmic push in his life that he will be able to achieve the unthinkable. He would be leading a very sophisticated and higher level of life. He would also have a side of him, where he helps other people; so he will be helpful to other people; he would be interested in taking care of other people and I think that is what got him into politics as he was genuinely interested about people but reaching a high level position of authority would always allude him and that is because partially due to his retrograde Saturn in the lagna house; retrograde Jupiter in the third house, Rahu in the 6th house and more importantly his Sun and Moon, which are debilitated in his 10th and 11th houses. They are the cause of distress and stress in his life; due to which he is unsure or unable to make a decision that he sticks to; he will keep on shifting his position; he will keep on changing his mind and also be prone to anger related emotional outburst; but his Mercury gives him a great amount of stability in his life; that is he will have wealth and the happy married life and a happy family life and also the best part is that his Mercury mahadasha came at the prime of his life and at that time he was playing for the Indian national team; from 15/12/81 – 15/12/98. It was also during his auspicious Mercury mahadasha, especially when it is exalted; he got carried away; specially when Sun and Moon are debilitated and Saturn is retrograde. He really got carried away and additionally , he would not be very good at handling stress and get emotionally carried away and make very bad decisions So what Sidhu has done is in his MER-SUN antardasha in 1988-89; he has got involved in a life changing criminal event in which one person was killed and that has put a black spot on his whole life; though as his Mercury was exalted; he was able to evade arrest and he was able to keep himself out of prison; but it has always to be remembered that karma eventually catches up with you and specially with a person like Sidhu; he should have remembered that when Sun and Moon are debilitated and their mahadashas are about to come at the age of 60 or 62 for 16 years; at his old age; it will hit him bad and put him down and that is what has happened. His present Venus mahadasha is about to end in December 2025; and his next challenging Sun mahadasha is about to start in the next 2-3 years and right now he has been incarcerated due to a criminal act; that he did in his auspicious Mercury but inauspicious and tricky MER-SUN antardasha in 1988-89, which has hounded him and now come back to bite him at his approach to his Sun mahadasha. So, one should always be very cautious that if your time is good and you do something bad; karma will definitely catch up with you that is the law of karma.

10th house of Libra has Sun 02-54-37 (Debilitated) and Venus 16-29-44 (Lord House) – Very good though huge concern as Sun debilitated. In the 10th house Venus is sitting in its lord house; he will get a reliable spouse; he will be very lucky with regards to his married life; though there will be ups and downs but his wife would be very dominating and she is the one who is driving him; as by himself Sidhu is a very quiet and introverted kind of person; who keeps his feeling deep inside himself; he can get confused too.  His Sun is debilitated; his father would not be able to give him the amount of wealth that he wanted; there will be some money related issues that he has with his father or had with his father; there will be deep set insecurity inside of him and it is possible that sometimes he may get into a pessimistic state of mind; which may cause him grave harm to his finances and also to his position of authority. Otherwise, a person born with four planets in their respective lord houses and one planet exalted cannot be held back. These themselves gives the chart so much power; but when Sun and Moon; the king and queen in astrology, are debilitated; what happens is they put a severe dampener in one’s life and also cause fall from grace, time and again. Though that person does well but his ultimate ambition is never fulfilled; so he do will never become the captain of any team; he will never become the chief minister of any state; he will never become the Prime Minister of the country; he will never hold a leadership position. This is the chart of an egoistic and emotional follower and not that of the leader; because his Sun is not well placed; Sun is a very important planet in one’s chart. He is lucky to have Venus in its lord house in this house because that has kept him in good stead and this is more so as right now and for the past 17-18 years; he is going through his Venus mahadasha; so his wife has been extremely auspicious for him and she is the one who has been able to keep him out of trouble; but eventually one has to pay for their karma and this house causes financial losses; financial damages as well as it will not let him hold a position of real authority in his life – in his political life or in his cricket life. Though due to the strength of his other planets; he will do everything but the top level of authority or the leadership position is not for his taking. He is presently going through his auspicious Venus mahadasha from 15/12/05 till 15/12/25;  but trouble is never far away as Sun is placed in the same house as his Venus; so as he approaches Venus’s fag end; his about to start Sun mahadasha that is from 15/12/25 till 15/12/31; things will start to take a downturn in his life with regards to his health; with regards to his finances and with regards to his reputation, because Moon is also debilitated in the 11th house. The only saving grace is that his spouse will be the one who would come to his rescue but he has to be very careful as his upcoming Sun mahadasha would be a time; would be very challenging for him; there would be damage to his health and well-being; he would be upset; mostly depressed and not be able to achieve anything in his life; he would feel that as if things are not going his way at all; there would be a sense of hopelessness and his earnings would fall; the only saving grace is that his wife would be able to remain by his side and the trouble due to Sun have already started; because he can feel the pain/suffocation; inside of him because his Sun mahadasha is fast approaching and as his Venus mahadasha is at its fag end.

11th house of Scorpion has Moon 03-55-44 (Debilitated) and Mars 02-50-35 (Lord House) – Very Good though huge concern as Moon debilitated – In the 11th house; Mars is in its lord house; so on one hand it him makes him well known; he would be a household name; he would be known throughout the country or even throughout the world; he would have powerful people as friends; he would rub shoulders with the high and mighty and also lead a jet set high flying life; he would have many friends and be popular;  he would be a friends-friend; he would be able to work in a team environment, but as long as he is not emotionally troubled because if he is emotionally troubled, then due to his debilitated Moon, he would be very disturbed and due to his emotional unevenness; he could get into very deep trouble and this would be high profile trouble, which would bring him a bad name. So his 10th and 11th houses are roller coaster houses for him because they give him the good things, money/fame also but they take the things away also – wastages/infamy. His 11th house has made him Navjot Singh Sidhu; the loved person, famous cricketer, commentator, known for his ‘sidhu-isms’, comedy show host;  but also it has brought him a very bad name, infamy, controversial life, prison and basically the bad part gets highlighted only during one’s bad time and sadly Navjot Singh Sidhu’s back to back; Sun and Moon mahadashas are about to start and he will have to be very careful from now on. The concern is that after his present Venus mahadasha ends in December 25; his challenging 10th house Sun mahadasha will start which; will be the start of his downfall because after that after his Sun mahadasha ends in 2031; his debilitated 11th house Moon mahadasha starts from 15/12/31 till 15/12/41 and it is seen that he will have health issues; severe emotional health issues; he has to take care of his health and he will not be in the news for the right reasons. So; he has always to do the remedies for his Sun and Moon. The good thing is that Mars is again placed in its lord house in the same house; so some cushioning Mars will provide him; but still one cannot escape their debilitated Moon and the emotional upheaval or instability that it gives to one’s character. So Sidhu is a basically very very moody kind of a person; who operates as per his mood swings and they are frequent. Though he has a very powerful chart but still Sun and Moon do impact his life adversely and they are the prime reason why he is sitting in Patiala prison right now. His Mars mahadasha will be after his Sun and Moon mahadasha from 15/12/41 – 15/12/48 and if he is able to clear his Son and Moon mahadashas in right shape and in right health; then maybe there will be some relief but his Mars mahadasha is falling late in his dasha cycle. So, he has to right now worry about his upcoming 16 years after 2025.

12th house of Sagittarius has Ketu [R] 21-51-08 – Challenging- Again this is a very challenging placement and this would have meant that he would have ruined his reputation and would have been forced to retire from his cricket due to his spoiled reputation and what would have happened is even though immediately after the event of this hitting or assaulting the person happened in 1988-89; his Mercury protected him till 1998; but once his 12th house Ketu mahadasha started from 15/12/98 till 15/12/05; he would have had to leave cricket; the cricket team would not have accepted him nor would have they given him any other official position; so he became a commentator; because he has other powerful planets; including his lagna house Saturn; so he became a commentator; made a name and style for himself; but trouble is never far away so; this was a compromise option for him due to the illegal and inhuman karma, that he had done in his Mercury mahadasha and his Ketu mahadasha came to bite him. During this Ketu period; there would have been severe legal trouble; he would have been busy fighting off the ill effects of the criminal event and spend a lot of money. He was lucky that his next Venus mahadasha was/is (from 15/12/05 till 15/12/25) very auspicious and his spouse must have had a very major role to play in his legal challenge ever since. This remained for most of the length of his 2 decades long, Venus mahadasha but at its vey fag end; his karma caught up with him.

Present and future Maha and Antar Dashas – 

VEN from 15/12/05 till 15/12/25 – This is an overall auspicious time for him; where basically he was enjoying his life; with material enjoyments and benefits on one hand due to his good earnings; he must have earned a lot of money and also his wife would have supported him a lot; but on the other hand when Sun is debilitated in the same house; what it does is it sucks out the happiness from his life; so he would have been anxious worried or there is always background trouble during this time; he must have been worried about one thing or the other; most probably, now it looks like he must have been worried about the outcome of his legal case which he and his wife were fighting tooth and nail; so that he can get away with it; but basically I think he knew karma would catch up with him, because he believed in astrology and spirituality; that after his Venus mahadasha ends then there is no saving or no running away during his Sun and Moon mahadasha which are very tough 16 years;  as both the planets are debilitated and basically at the fag end of his Venus mahadasha; that is in his present Venus-Mercury antardasha, itself; he started to feel the heat of his upcoming Sun mahadasha and he got incarcerated. So overall this was/is a good time; but at the end of this time; basically his health will start to decline and there will be a loss of reputation; there will be a loss of authority and wealth for him.

  • VEN – MER till 15/10/24 – This is the period during which he got convicted by the Honourable Supreme Court and sent to prison for a year and though during this time; he will try all the legal manoeuvres but basically as his Sun mahadasha is coming and it is followed by his Moon mahadasha; so even though his time is very powerful right; now but Sun sitting in the same house as his Venus; makes sure that there will not be mental peace or emotional stability ever in his life. We have seen the Sidhu only on media but otherwise he can be a very moody person and a very very insecure person; though his intentions are good but when Sun and Moon are ill placed; they make one take actions that are not thought of; impulsive; childish actions and actions in which one cannot control one’s emotion; for which one has to pay dearly when the bad time comes and, in his case, it is karma payback time that has just started. So, right now he will be getting all the facilities in his prison and maybe he would get out with his good prison behaviour/hospital furlough; he may be out in 6 or 9 months; he may get early parole also because present Venus-Mercury antardasha till end 2024 is helping him; his wife will help him a lot; but the fire; the spark is out of Sidhu. After this is in his Venus-Ketu antardasha from October 2024 there is a decline in his life overall, even though he may be out of jail.
  • VEN – KET till 15/12/25 – This is the fag end of his auspicious Venus mahadasha and it does not help at all; it will make him totally involved in spirituality for relief from his stress and also that is the only way forward as his next Sun mahadasha would trouble him immensely; it would impact his authoritative position in society and also his earnings would decline and basically the Sidhu that we have always known; though he still has a very strong base chart; will fizzle out.

SUN from 15/12/25 till 15/12/31 – This is the start of extremely challenging six years and during this time basically what happens is apart from help from his immediate loved ones; people will start to avoid him; he will start to avoid people; he will become pessimistic; go into his shell; he may suffer from depression and other lifestyle illnesses; he has to be very careful of his health because from 2025 the next 16 years are very tough for him and he may suffer from some chronic health related issues, and they may worsen during this time because basically what happens is when such a person with such a powerful chart and it’s also a rollercoaster chart with four planets in their lord house; one exalted; two debilitated (that also Sun and Moon); it gives such a beating to your ego that you are unable to digest it. So his good time has given him such an ego that he will be unable to digest the bad time; more so as his Sun and Moon are ill placed. So basically, he will be prone to making decisions which are intellectually not the best and also emotionally there will be instability; that is he will keep on moving and not stick to one place or position or profession; that is what his Moon has done to him since his birth but now it impacts him directly. So he has to be very careful during this time.

MON from 15/12/31 till 15/12/41 – Again these are ten years in which he has to be very careful of his health; mental and psychological health; there may be emotional instability and he may bring further bad name to himself; if he’s not careful. I think observing Sidhu and seeing what I can through the public domain; he will start to totally focus himself on spirituality as that is the only way that he can maintain himself; he has to somehow if he wants to live a long life; he has to somehow cross these 16 years whose impact has started with his him going to the Patiala jail because his Venus mahadasha is at the fag end.

Additional Notes

This is a maverick chart; because it starts with his lagna house which has lord house Saturn; but it is retrograde; so he would be very lucky; he would be very active and always doing something; not like to sit idle; his mind would always be working; he would be hyperactive in fact; but retrograde Saturn makes him a controversial figure; it will create controversies in his life; there will be stress in his life and he has to do the remedies for the same; additionally his Jupiter also in its lord house; but being retrograde creates legal problems for him; though at the same time it makes him very lucky with regards to family/ wealth; he would be able to overcome the legal issues; though there would be frequent ones from time to time; his 6th house Rahu, is a troublemaker that will give him the propensity of rubbing people the wrong way and creating a lot of enemies; his 9th house Mercury is very auspicious and that and his lagna house are giving us the N.S. Sidhu;  that we know; that is born into a good, wealthy family; lived the life of a prince with luxury and enjoyments. His 10th house is from where the big trouble; starts because even though Venus is excellently placed; so he will get a good spouse but Sun being debilitated will create lot of trouble for him; he will make wrong decisions in his life – in his personal and professional life;  that will haunt him and cause him a big hole in his pocket and will hold him back from holding any serious position in his life; then his 11th house which is the house of name and fame also has Mars excellently placed but Moon debilitated there means that it will give him good name; but infamy or a bad name and reputation and that would be mainly due to his anger or emotional instability; he will have a lifelong challenge of controlling his emotions and assertively expressing himself. So this is the kind of a person who due to his lagna house retrograde Saturn; would get stressed very easily and when he is stressed he could get very upset or angry and not only that; he would not be able to express his anger in a proper way; he could just explode and that is what has happened and landed him in jail. So I wish him all the best and yes this is a chart of a maverick and controversial person; because there are no planets normal; no planets neutral; no planets enemy positioned which normal people have. All his planets are either lord house placed or exalted (five of them) two of them debilitated and Rahu and Ketu of course are always retrograde; so basically five planets are helping him big time and four planets are pulling him down; so it’s a very rollercoaster life and a maverick and controversial life and an interesting life for public consumption.

What people can learn from Sidhu’s chart is that when one is going through a good time; please ensure that you do not; in an excited or maniac state of mind; which exalted planets can give; commit such a karma; which at that time you think you could get over; but actually the law of karma states that it will come back to bite you; so it reinforces the fact that our Vedic religion and Vedic astrology are both karma driven.

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