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Devendra Fadnavis was an unknown person on the national level before he became CM of Maharashtra in 2014. He was sworn in as the CM for the 2nd time for some days after the state assembly elections only to lose it. Let me take a look at his chart and see if power is seen in his future.

Date of Birth

  • 22/7/1970, 0613 Hours, Nagpur – MH (Determined by birth time determination method)

Lagna Chart

  • ASC Cancer 11-06-24 has Sun 05-22-29, Mars 08-58-08 (Debilitated) and Mercury 21-16-47 – Excellent lagna house and he would be self made and a hard working person and polite to a fault but his debilitated Mars would definitely need remedies for him to occupy such a high office. I am sure he is doing the same as is evident from his right wrist (red circled in the photos).
  • 2nd house of Leo has Venus 17-22-05 and Ketu [R] 11-08-20 – Very good family life and spouse adds a great deal of fire power to his chart. Also a lot of money is seen bit he would not be attracted towards money.
  • 4th house of Libra has Jupiter 03-50-31 – Educated and lucky and also would be blessed with intelligent children.
  • 8th house of Aquarius has Moon 20-12-17 and Rahu [R]11-08-20 – This would make him the worrying sort and he would need the support of his spouse and also strong leaders/partners to handle the high pressure job. Additionally his Rahu could give him sudden health issues – so he should take care of his health – especially from stress related ailments.
  • 10th house of Aries has Saturn 27-31-30 (Debilitated) – Though Saturn is in the 10th house but it being debilitated is a cause of huge concern from the professional and the monetary point of view. So it is clear again that he is not a money minded person but a simple and extremely hard working human being and again he should be doing the remedies for the Saturn so that his career can get some lift – as it has since 2014. But certainly there are major players with powerful charts (spouse, his party seniors whose blessings he has so that he can occupy this post). He also never thinks about himself but for the general good.


  • Jupiter from 22/ 7/70 till 24/ 4/86 – Very good initial influence of mother who made him have a good grounding, early in life. This included a good education.
  • Saturn from 24/ 4/86 till 24/ 4/05 – Very tough time where his hard work and efforts did not give him any monetary or professional success and it was years and years of hard work and toil that resulted in nothing for him during his Saturn dasha. The good thing is that it is over.
  • Mercury from 24/ 4/05 till 24/ 4/22 – This is when his life began to fly in top gear both on the personal and the personal front and he became CM for the first time in 2014 and again for the 2nd time in 2019. He also got married during this time and had children. In other words his Mercury mahadasha which continues till date has turned his life 180 degrees but he has not forgotten to be closely connected to the ground and be a humble, simple and spiritual person at heart.
  • Ketu from 24/ 4/22 till 24/ 4/29 – After April 2022 his Ketu period would be a step down time for him where he would depend on the chart of his spouse and also be more devoted to his family.

Additional Analysis

  • So if the question is that how does a person with 2 debilitated planets (Mars and Saturn) become the CM – not once but twice and potentially even a third time ? The answer would be
    • A very powerful lagna house plus the strong spiritual remedies for his debilitated lagna house Mars – including but not limited to full time chanting of mantras by priests.
    • Sun also present in the lagna house to some extent reduces the harmful effect of Mars but still powerful remedies are required for him to occupy this post – which he does as is evident from the multiple religious bands that he wears on his working hand.
  • The lagna house is 80% of ones chart and critically and luckily for him, he is going through his lagna house placed auspicious Mercury mahadasha from 2005 till 2022.
  • Powerful remedies and temple visits for his 10th house debilitated Saturn, despite which he would not be interested in hoarding money or amass any wealth and would be a decent human being and work for the good of the people but at the cost of his health.
  • Benefic impact of the chart of his spouse.
  • Backing of people with powerful and benefic charts as a person with 2 debilitated planets always needs a strong Godfather or mentor.
  • He has to always take care of his health from stress related ailments that his debilitated Saturn and 8th house planets would make him prone to.
  • After April 2022 his excellent Mercury mahadasha would be over and his Ketu period would start.
  • His Ketu though well placed would be a step down from his present Mercury period and hence it would be interesting to see what happens as the seeds of an unstable legislative term have already been set by no party having complete majority and therefore I can say with ease that it would require a lot more astrologically for Devendra Fadnavis to be CM after his present Mercury mahadasha is over or after April 2022.
  • Till April 2022 he would not rest easy as his lagna house (with the remedies) is very powerful and gives him a lot of self drive.

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