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Birth Details

October 21, 1980, 1046 Hours, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Lagna Chart

ASC Scorpion 20-08-27 has Mars 13-14-25 (Lord House) – Excellent and makes her Queen of Networking!

3rd house of Capricorn has Ketu (R) 22-41-55 – Very Good though Siblings dependant on her

5th house of Pisces has Moon 04-34-09 – Excellent and extremely close to mother and mentally strong and would herself become mother to healthy children

9th house of Cancer has Rahu (R) 22-41-55 – Excellent for professional success

10th house of Leo has Venus 26-01-47 (Enemy) – Excellent for looks/beauty and wealth, though can have tricky married life and multiple marriages

11th house of Virgo has Jupiter 05-16-20 (Enemy) and Saturn 10-06-43 – Excellent for fame and fortune and earning a lot of wealth due to her own hard work but could be embroiled in controversies too, which would bring a bad name and legal trouble

12th house of Libra has Sun 04-54-24 (Debilitated) and Mercury 26-13-28- Could be prone to substance abuse/medication to ease stresses in life and would not trust people, could have a caustic tongue when upset and also would constantly be on the move and living out of suitcases, also absence of fatherly support


Ketu from 17/ 1/15 to 17/ 1/22 – Confusing time due to personal issues and would keep a relative low profile

Venus from 17/ 1/22 to 17/ 1/42 – Much better time

Answer as to what made Kim – it is a combination her attractive physical attributes, her own hard work and constant support of her mother.

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