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Above – Picture of ancient an astrologer
Above – Picture of an astrologer in the computer/smart phone era
Above – Picture of a modern astrologer post 2020

Have you wondered why astrological predictions generated by software can be way off the mark? Have you thought why two people with similar chart markers can have such different predictions given to them? Have you considered why two astrologers give two different interpretations of the same chart?

The answer is that there is a large element of interpretation and intuition in any astrological reading. Astrology is not only a science.

In fact, it has two components; the first part uses the science of the planets or astronomy, which helps in drawing birth charts. This is totally science and that is why we now have powerful computer software successfully calculating birth charts in seconds. But the second part is the human interface where the human being or the astrologer is needed to interpret these charts accurately. This is the part that is beyond science. Full stop.

If astrological predictions were science in toto then we would not need a human astrologer. If chart readings could be modelled mathematically, then software-generated reports would be bang on target and be as accurate as birth chart calculations. To put it simply, they would be as assured as 2 plus 2 being equal to 4.

But that is not the case. In science, we apply a particular rule to get an accurate outcome. Each and every time. Anything that is scientific has a mathematical model. Anything with a mathematical model can have a computer programme to do it faster and remove the component of human errors.

In astrology, an astrologer’s experience, his gut feel/6th sense/extra sensory perception (ESP) or INTUTION is as important as are astrological principles in providing insights into charts.

When I read a chart, I try to get inputs from one’s palm, birth chart and time of the query. I may also talk to you and meet you on rare occasions, see a picture of your face perhaps – and then all this information goes into my mind and out come the predictions. I have seen that even before the predications are told verbally or in writing, I immediately get the vibrations and my behavior or mood instantly changes and I remain conscious if my changing mood.

Astrological theory can be taught. But it is just one of the building blocks of astrological analysis. However, intuition cannot be taught, or even learnt. It is just there. And this intuition is what leads to accurate astrological insight. This is what differentiates one astrologer from the other.

And about the accuracy of predictions, I have seen that the proof is in the pudding – that is, you will tell me if I was correct or not. Since I have a strong 6th sense, I do not give myself the credit for my predictions. It is actually a gift from God and can be taken away anytime, especially if I develop a big ego or stop being myself.

But let me tell you, this God’s gift does not come easy. It comes with a lot of responsibility to keep one’s mind sharp and positive. Sometimes I can feel adverse trends which disturb me, that may be from vibrations that I get from things around me or while I am seeing the chart or palm. Hence, the proverb ‘ignorance is bliss’ does not apply to me. My mood changes subconsciously based on the vibrations that I get. When not making an astrological prediction, I may or may not be able to put it into words but people around me call it sensitivity.

But one should not mix paranoia for intuition. Many people who have large egos and / or going through turmoil, also mention seeing weird things/dreams and of their dreams coming true. They can talk about ghosts too. So it is very important that if you are getting bad dreams and feel that your bad dreams are coming true, then you keep in mind that it may be your intuition but it can also be paranoia. So one has to tread very carefully as there is a thin line between paranoia and intuition based one one’s life experiences and how one deals with them – and that depends on your chart as well.

What do you think? If this made sense, please email me and give me your opinion.

Also do you know which rashi or sign has sharpest intuition ?

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