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Kapil Dev is like many other Indians my childhood hero too and I remember how much happiness I got when under his captaincy India won the World Cup of cricket in 1983. Being an all-rounder with excellent batting and bowling capabilities, I was rather surprised to read that recently he had some heart problems. Hence I decided to study his chart to determine if there is something astrologically that is responsible for his health issues and what his prognosis is.

Birth Details

  • 6 /1/1959, 1109 Hours (time unverified and approximate), Chandigarh

Lagna Chart

  • ASC Pisces 01-47-32 has Ketu [R] 24-29-37 – Emotional person who sometimes gets carried away; but in a good way and for the benefit of people, a passionate person who does not take nonsense and is a deep believer in spirituality. All in all – a genuine human being.


  • 2nd house of Aries has Mars 25-01-06 (Lord House) – Excellent for wealth and leadership qualities, as well as a consensus builder and a team player which would hold him in great stead through life and he would make a lot of money and wealth due to his leadership skills. Parents would be auspicious for him. This placement would also make him athletic and excel in sports.


  • 7th house of Virgo has Rahu [R] 24-29-37 – Marriage life a life turner for him and would being a lot of stability in his life from the point of view of emotional stability but there could be some ups and downs.


  • 9th house of Scorpion has Moon 10-58-03 (Debilitated) and Jupiter 01-37-58 – Would do very well in his profession but would have some career setbacks too due to his emotions and anger coming in the way, though lady luck is always with him and he would also be lucky in his career by being at the right place at the right time. But always has to be careful of his health.


  • 10th house of Sagittarius has Sun 21-48-31, Mercury 00-38-08 and Saturn 06-47-20 – Excellent for name, and wealth and having a fearless spirit, live in the lap of luxury and make lots of money and excel in his profession,  though can lash out with anger if he encounters slack or nonsensical behaviors.


  • 11th house of Capricorn has Venus 05-15-06 – Fame and fortune via spouse who would come from a wealthy family and be very auspicious for him.


Dasha periods since birth


  • Saturn from 6/ 1/59 till 20/ 2/67 – Excellent time and born into a good and moneyed family and did well in his life and from early on due to his Saturn was propelled towards his dream of sports/ cricket. This period set the foundation for his complete life.


  • Mercury from 20/ 2/67 till 20/ 2/84 – Critical time during which he worked very hard and moved fast on the path of his future successes, luck was always with him and catapulted him to the stratosphere of name, fame and honors. By the end of this auspicious and life altering mahadasha he gave the first ever world cup for India as captain. This glorious period also saw him getting married.


  • Ketu from 20/ 2/84 till 20/ 2/91 – Another excellent phase in which he continued his winning streak as no-nonsense captain of the Indian cricket team and earned a lot for respect globally, while also making India a global powerhouse of cricket. This mahadasha also set in motion his plans for retirement in his next excellent Venus mahadasha.


  • Venus from 20/ 2/91 till 20/ 2/11 – one of the best times of his life during which he played cricket for the country as well as took up various team management roles and got involved in other career options and lives a life of luxury with his family. This period gave him his daughter. He benefited a lot due to the benefic presence of his wife.


  • Sun from 20/ 2/11 till 20/ 2/17 – The good times continue for him and whatever he touched turned into gold and he also did exceedingly well in his business ventures both related and non related to cricket. This fast paced time kept him busy at the cost of sometimes neglecting his health and stress level which would come to haunt him in his net Moon mahadasha.


  • Moon from 20/ 2/17 till 20/ 2/27 – This is the first time our national hero Kapil stared to feel the strain and stress in his body and soul mainly due to his emotional nature or carrying his emotions on his sleeve all his life. He has to be extremely cautious of his heath and well being. Though his Moon is well placed in his 9th house but it being debilitated would give him emotional issues and health concerns especially in his present Moon mahadasha. Hence extreme caution is required from the health point of view, especially from sudden and unexpected adverse health events. Regular medical check ups needed.


  • MON – JUP 20/ 5/21 – Kapil Dev suffered a heart attack on October 23rd , 2020 during this period and it is a concern as he has to slow down in his present Moon mahadasha which would end when he would be 70 years but the good part is that after his successful surgery his heart has got a new lease of life. This happened in his Moon – Jupiter period; as his Jupiter is placed in the same house as his debilitated Moon and this antardasha is only a once in a life time occurrence for him. Mostly the reasons could be related to slowing down of career and professional options for an active person like him but with his excellent chart if he takes care of his health, career options would only get better.

Additional Comments

  • Very lucky and positive human being and a born leader, who can go the extra mile for what is he believes is right, in other words a rare person – who commands respect.
  • Has to be careful of his health especially in his present Moon mahadasha from February 2017 till February 2027.

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