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I am no political analyst. But news channels and friends are saying that the arrest of Delhi deputy CM and AAP leader Manish Sisodia is big. Hence, I am analysing his chart. I do see him wearing yellows often and the ring on the first finger depicts the remedial measure of boosting Jupiter. I also see him wearing blue often. From a distance, the picture of his palm looks good, showing his rise in life. Rest on seeing his chart.

Birth Details

5/1/1972, 1200 Hours (based on publicly available data), Hapur – UP

Lagna Chart

ASC Pisces 19-39-13 has Mars 12-40-40

3rd house of Taurus has Saturn [R] 06-46-36

5th house of Cancer has Ketu [R] 12-56-03

6th house of Leo has Moon 14-09-35.

9th house of Scorpion has Mercury 28-17-30 and Jupiter 29-51-11

10th house of Sagittarius has Sun 20-33-19

11th house of Capricorn has Venus 22-35-51 and Rahu [R]12-56-03 


RAH from 9/10/13 till 9/10/31

  • RAH – MER till 9/ 4/24
  • RAH – KET till 27/ 4/25


Though Manish Sisodia is going through a tough time politically, his chart is very good. He is an ascendant Pisces and has Mars in his lagna house. So, he is a fearless and emotional person. This is a chart of a person who can do good for society; his initiatives for Delhi’s schools bear the stamp of a person who has this type of a chart.

He has a very auspicious chart; there are some problems but let me come to those later. The problems are more to do with him unnecessarily creating enemies in his professional life. However, luck is with him because his 3rd house has Saturn retrograde. That means he will do well in his profession but there will be some stress in this sphere of his life.

In fact, this chart is much better than the chart of his boss, Arvind Kejriwal. If the Aam Aadmi Party has to have a future, then as compared with Arvind Kejriwal, this is the chart of the person who can do the actual work. That is why Sisodia has so many portfolios and responsibilities. He is also a very hardworking and loyal person. He is suffering because the party may have made powerful enemies who are using Sisodia to get to Arvind Kejriwal. Loyalty is Sisodia’s hallmark.

His 5th house Ketu means he will be so busy that he will have no time for his children.

The 6th house Moon is not good when seen in conjunction with retrograde Saturn, for it means he has a worrying nature and will be emotional. Hence, it is difficult for him to handle professional stress; he is not able to take the worry of politics. It is because of this chakravyuh of Saturn and Moon that he is not the number one of Aam Aadmi Party.

Otherwise this chart states that he deserves to lead the party. But he will not be able to take that stress. In fact, he has to be careful of his health all the time. I am more concerned for his health rather than these legal problems, which will go away sooner or later. I say this because his 9th house has an excellently placed Mercury and Jupiter. So he is a very polite person, nice to talk to, very lucky as well. His father is auspicious for him. As I said, he is very lucky. He will rise from humble roots and go very high in his life.

His 10th house Sun is also an excellent placement, making him courageous and bold. He is not scared and will earn a lot of money in his profession – but this is not bad money.

His 11th house Venus and Rahu are also very good placements bringing name and fame. Though Rahu placed in the 11th house does bring some controversy related to fame, it is something he will be able to deal. He will be good looking and he may have a roving eye in his personal life; but let us focus on his political life.

Right now, he is going through his 11th house Rahu mahadasha. This is a good time for him. As mentioned, he only needs to take care of his health. After careful study of his chart and that of Kejriwal, I think he has taken the fall for his boss. Right now, the agencies are out to get to his boss against whom they have no evidence. I don’t think Sisodia himself has much to worry about – but he will worry because he has a worrying nature. There is also the possibility of leaving for foreign lands in his chart.

Given his hard-working nature and his loyalty, plus his senior position in Delhi’s government with numerous portfolios, his arrest is a bigger setback for the Aam Aadmi Party than to Sisodia personally.

After 2031, he will do exceedingly well in his life and will rise very high professionally. Hence, if he remains in politics, he will be a force to reckon with for the future.

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