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Sunny Deol is a famous bollywood actor and son of legendary actor and son of Punjab Dharmendra.

He has also recently joined active politics by winning the Lok Sabha polls in the recently concluded 2019 general elections and is now an MP from Gurdaspur in Punjab.

Let me take a look at his chart and get to know more about him. His birth time has been determined by me by birth time rectification method (BTRM).

Birth Details (Determined)

  • 19/10/1957, 1320 Hours, Distt. Ludhiana, Punjab, India

Lagna Chart and its interpretation

  • ASC Capricorn 02-30-13 – Balanced and sensitive.
  • 4th house of Aries has Ketu [R]18-00-49 – Very close to mother.
  • 8th house of Leo has Moon 08-49-34 – Worrying nature.
  • 9th house of Virgo has Mars 23-08-03, Mercury 29-05-02 (Exalted) and Jupiter 21-50-12 – Excellent for professional success, wealth, good fortune, intelligent children and practicality.
  • 10th house of Libra has Sun 02-24-10 (Debilitated) and Rahu [R]18-00-49- Shy by nature and does not like coming in the limelight and massive wealth. Sun though debilitated but low in degree and in an excellent house.
  • 11th house of Scorpion has Venus 17-16-11 and Saturn 17-54-02 – Excellent for fame but he would somehow not be comfortable in the limelight and would guard his privacy.

Dasha periods in his life and their interpretation

  • Ketu from 19/10/57 till 1/ 3/60 – Unremarkable initial years in the care of his loving mother.
  • Venus from 1/ 3/60 till 1/ 3/80 – Due to his excelly Venus dasha his (and his fathers) time starts to pick up rapidly and beyond their wildest imagination.
  • Sun from 1/ 3/80 till 1/ 3/86 – Little uncertain period as was undecided about his career path, due to him being shy by nature would have liked to do something other than become a HERO but karma had other plants for him.
  • Moon from 1/ 3/86 till 1/ 3/96 – A tough time emotionally and professionally.
  • Mars from 1/ 3/96 till 1/ 3/03 – Marvellous time and the real Sunny comes on his own with acting, production and helping his brother plus other family businesses.
  • Rahu from 1/ 3/03 till 1/ 3/21- Present dasha and though a tricky time but he would be able to maneuver it craftily and earn enormous money and good will via politics.
  • Jupiter from 1/ 3/21 till 1/ 3/37 – The sun would never set on Sunny as thanks to his excellent Jupiter he would be wonderfully placed in life and enjoying the success of his children and backing in happiness.

Additional Comments

  • His is a truly Sunny chart as 3 years after his birth (1960) his auspicious Venus period stated that catapulted his father to fame by the time it was over (1980) and also immensely helped him.
  • Some simple remedies for his debilitated Sun like praying to the rising Sun everyday at dawn would really help him come out of the shell or overcome his shyness.
  • For his Moon he needs to take care of his health, which he does, as is apparent by his excellent physique evan at the age of 62 plus years.
  • He is an absolute workaholic.

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