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Madam Kiran Bedi is a household name in India and joined the IPS when there were hardly any women in the police force and being a trailblazer she paved the way for many to follow. She is truly a born leader.

Birth Details (unverified)

  • 9/6/1949, 1410 Hours, Amritsar – Punjab

Lagna Chart and its interpretation

  • ASC Virgo 17-26-18 has Ketu 29-50-59 – Strong grounded person with a care a damn attitude.
  • 3rd house of Scorpion has Moon 04-38-00 – Debilitated Moon concerning as she would not wait to lash out at anyone who would do wrong in front of her, regardless of the consequences. Mothers health would be a major concern.
  • 5th house of Capricorn has Jupiter (R) 08-25-59 – Debilitated Jupiter also concerning and shows that she would have issues conceiving children and regarding their health also that she would be unsatisfied academically and hence she would be pursuing studies throughout her life.
  • 7th house of Pisces has Rahu (R) 29-50-59 – Tricky marriage full of ups and downs
  • 9th house of Taurus has Sun 25-01-50, Mars 06-22-35 and Mercury (R)17-02-43 – This is the house that made her a tennis star and then an IPS officer of repute and recognition. She revelled in tough situations, which tested her leadership skills to the full extent, did not think twice before standing for what is right at any cost and this earned her strong admirers as well as strong enemies but due to her lagna house she did not give a damn. Made her a daredevil person in her profession.
  • 10th house of Gemini has Venus 09-12-28 – Married to an educated and mature husband, had all the comforts of life as well as good money and savings.
  • 12th house of Leo has Saturn 07-26-22 – This is the house that made her a lioness in her profession and one who challenged her superiors for what she believed in, suffered in her career due to it but remained on the path of truthfulness as she perceived it with steadfastness. Controversies galored in her profession. It also gave her global recognition and would ensure that due to her bold karmas her name lives on much after her retirement from IPS. Her job also gave her immense stress and emotional turmoil.

Dasha Periods since birth and its interpretation

  • Saturn from 9/ 6/49 till 3/ 8/66 – Tough initial years but she with her care a damn and bold outlook towards life took the path few would take and helped by her lagna, 9th and 10th house marched on despite the obstacles.
  • Mercury from 3/ 8/66 till 3/ 8/83 – Joined the IPS and took on tough assignments which were at that time reserved for men only and like a trailblazer shone in her profession despite the tough working conditions.
  • Ketu from 3/ 8/83 till 3/ 8/90 – This was the time when she was at her strongest in her job as she demolished any person who thought that being a woman was handicap for her in the police force and came to be respected as first amongst the equals in the then male dominated force.
  • Venus from 3/ 8/90 till 3/ 8/10 – Excellent time and she got the rewards of her karma during this period with plum postings and a good name for herself but she remained true to her convictions and participles. She took voluntary retirement from IPS in 2007, marking the end of and eventful 35 years (1972–2007).
  • Sun from 3/ 8/10 till 3/ 8/16 – This was an excellent post retirement period for her where she was involved in many social causes and lent her leadership to many anti corruption / anti establishment movements.
  • Moon from 3/ 8/16 till 3/ 8/26 – Start of another stressful and emotionally tumultuous period for her and this started with her life partner / husband passing away and also she losing the election for CM of Delhi. This is also her present period and Madam is now posted a Lt. Governor of Puducherry but as her Moon is debilitated she should take very good care of her health and specially control her stress levels – which I am sure she would be doing.
  • Mars from 3/ 8/26 till 3/ 8/33 – During this time she could really shine in politics and be elected to an important elected post but she has to be careful of her health.

Additional Comments

  • Her chart is an example where despite having 2 planets debilitated and Saturn in the 12th house, she has made the best use of her benefic planets and risen to great heights in her life but more importantly has lived life on her own terms, conditions and principles for which she would never be forgotten.
  • In Fact wherever she goes she would carve out a niche for herself – such power is there in her char as she uses the full force of her emotions, much to the discomfort of others who are scared of her.
  • She has worked very hard to achieve the success that she has and is truly a brave daughter of India and if she takes care of her health then she can have a huge second innings as an elected representative after 2025.
  • Salute to this great daughter of Mother India.

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