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Shri Uddhav Thackeray was born on July 27, 1960 at 10.14 am in Mumbai.  Let me study his chart and see how his journey has been.

Birth Details

  • 27/7/1960, 1014 Hours, Mumbai (unconfirmed)

Lagna Chart

  • ASC Virgo 05-27-25 – Grounded by nature
  • 4th house of Sagittarius has Saturn (R) 20-23-0 and Jupiter 01-24-35 (Lord House) – Close to his mother, retrograde Saturn would give stress and related health issues but Jupiter in the lord house would also make him lucky in progeny issues, legal matters and in life.
  • 6th house of Aquarius has Ketu (R) 24-23-32 – Finds it difficult to tolerate people who do not agree with his logic and avoids them, though his strong Ketu makes him the kind who has a forgive and forget attitude. He would still have hidden enemies working behind his back.
  • 9th house of Taurus has Mars 02-40-57 – Excellent for leadership skills and would do well in leadership role and as a consensus builder and team player. This would help him counter the weakness of Ketu, which renders it difficult for him to get along with people who do not agree with him.
  • 10th house of Gemini has Mercury (R) 26-40-24 (Lord House) – Retrograde, but in the lord house would give him enormous wealth though there would be estrangement due to the same in his family. He would live a life of luxury and is generally a soft-spoken person and would be lucky in all legal matters.
  • 11th house of Cancer has Sun 10-50-51 and Venus 20-22-55 – This is where he gets his power and fame from. His Sun (or father) would be the source of his strength and character whose ideology he would follow for life and also excellent spouse from a well-to-do family would be lucky for him.
  • 12th house of Leo has Moon 19-04-17 and Rahu (R) 24-23-32 – This gives him health issues due to stress and coupled with his retrograde Saturn in the 4th house, there would be sudden and unexpected health issues that he would face due to work pressure which would be a constant. Additionally he is a sensitive and emotional person at heart and would not consciously harm anyone; in fact, he would himself get hurt in the process. So he always uses people to act as messengers to do the political dirty work.

Dasha Periods

  • Venus from 27/ 7/60 to 19/12/71 – Born into a good family, to good parents and grandparents.
  • Sun from 19/12/71 to 19/12/77 – Very early on learnt the skills or master craft of leadership from his father, who is very auspicious for him.
  • Moon from 19/12/77 to 19/12/87 – This would have been the time when he would have operated from behind the scene and also travelled the world over and taken an active interest in arts, while at the same time learning the ropes of politics. Would have been an uncertain time for him, as he is not exactly cut out for the harsh world of politics, due to his gentle and sensitive nature.
  • Mars from 19/12/87 to 19/12/94 – Excellent time where he showed his leadership skills as a good political manager by assisting his father – though always preferred to stay in the background. He was always there for his father and this only his father knew or they had a deep connection.
  • Rahu from 19/12/94 to 19/12/12 – Tough years where he was grappling with what shape or form his career would take as he was unsatisfied by the progress that he made in politics as was always in the background but destiny had other plans for him and in November 2012, just a month prior to his challenging Rahu mahadasha was to end, his legendary father passed away but nominated him to lead the political party.
  • Jupiter from 19/12/12 to 19/12/28 – Hence his lord house Jupiter mahadasha (in the 4th house) began with his at the helm of affairs of the party after the passing away of his father. This house also has retrograde Saturn; hence, was a tough and stressful time for him as he had to not only deal with the passing of his father but also with the stress of taking over of the party and stifling dissent. His health took a tumble but his lord house Jupiter helped him maneuver all the twists and turns that came his way and he established himself as the leader of the party and Chief Minister of Maharashtra, the first from his family to hold a constitutional post.

Let us analyze the present and immediate future Jupiter sub periods to see how this time as CM would be:

  • JUP – KET from 25/11/19 till 1/11/20 – This is the period when he would be sworn in as the CM and this would be tricky period and he would find it tough to keep everyone happy and there would a lot of people with knives out for his seat behind his back. So this time would be mostly spend saving his seat and would be tough one for him, even though his Jupiter has made him the CM.
  • JUP – VEN from 1/11/20 till 1/ 7/23 – If he survives as CM till November 2020, then this period would be a better one for him. But he would still be getting used to governing and being in charge but in much better control, but everyday would be a new drama.
  • JUP – SUN from 1/7/23 till 19/ 4/24 – Provided he survives politically as CM till July 2023, then this is the best time for him and he would compete his 5 years as CM of Maharashtra. But it would come at the cost of his health. Luck would be with him as his Jupiter is in its lord house and that is what has catapulted him from the behind the scenes son of the legendary Balasaheb to the CM of Maharashtra in the first place.

Additional Comments

  • Basically he was happy managing and helping his father from behind the scenes as one of his most trusted aides during his 12th Rahu house mahadasha.
  • But his father passed away a month prior to the end of his 12th house Rahu mahadasha and the start of his 4th (lord) house-placed Jupiter mahadasha and willed him as chief of the Shiv Sena and now the CM of Maharashtra.
  • But this CM role would be a tough for him due to his Ketu in the 6th house and would be full of twists and turns.
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