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I had done his chart analysis in March 2022 and compared it with the cart of Shri Akhilesh Yadav and predicted then that he would be re-elected the CM of UP. I present the analysis his of his chart.

Birth Details

5/6/1972; 1200 Hours, Pauri Garhwal (Unconfirmed)

Lagna Chart

ASC Leo 19-08-47 – Excellent

5th house of Sagittarius has Jupiter [R] 12-23-14 (Lord House) – Very Good though tricky

6th house of Capricorn has Rahu [R] 04-52-46 – Challenging

7th house of Aquarius has Moon 26-04-31 – Excellent

10th house of Taurus has Sun 21-13-08 (Enemy), Mercury 21-42-11 and Saturn 17-08-53 – & start House

11th house of Gemini has Mars 21-40-29 (Enemy) and Venus [R] 09-36-55 – Excellent

12th house of Cancer Ketu [R] 04-52-46 Tricky


  • KET – SAT from 15/ 1/22 till 24/ 2/23 – Tricky time though his hard work and help from Modi ji will matter.
  • VEN from 21/ 2/24 till 21/ 2/44 – His golden period and he will stay long in Indian politics


He has a powerful chart and is going through his Ketu mahadasha. After this, he will have his auspicious Venus mahadasha. During that time of 20 years, he will shine bright on the national level too and in national politics.

His Jupiter is are placed in their 5th house, luck will favour Yogi ji.

He has a power packed chart that is why despite coming from a humble family backgrounds, he has reached this level today. Hence, the fire power of Yogi ji’s chart is excellent.

Given that Yogi ji’s initiation into sanyas, which makes him rise above his chart and also if we consider his birth chart; I think that Yogi would shine in politics. The prognosis for him to join the Central/ Indian political landscape is also very bright. The luck factor is with him. Moreover, with the active presence of PM Modi, the fire power in Yogi ji’s chart gets multiplied.

Yogi jis chart gives him mental strength, innovative ideas of governance; doing very well in the sphere of politics; that is why he was one of the youngest member of parliament before he became the chief minister of UP. It gives him a position of authority in his life and also name and fame; but he is a very strict person and he can get very angry if things don’t go as per his wishes.

Kaal Sarpa Dosha in his chart due to Rahu in the 6th house and Ketu in the 12th means absence of family life but he would take care of multiple children of the state of UP and later in India. He has to be wary of enemies and should keep his security air tight.

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