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We have seen Dada, as Sourav Ganguly is commonly known, in many roles. Stylish batsman, successful captain of the Indian cricket team, captain of Kolkata Knight Riders, commentator, and BCCI  president, among others. With Assembly elections scheduled in West Bengal in 2021, will we see him in the new role of a politician?

Birth Details

  • 8/7/1972, 0100, Kolkata


Lagna Chart and its interpretation

  • ASC Aries 22-53-12 – Active, aggressive, a go-getter and a doer.


  • 2nd house of Taurus has Venus [R] 24-47-21 (Lord House), Saturn 21-13-16 and Moon 11-38-27 (Exalted) – Comes from a wealthy and known family which would lay the foundation stone for his wealth, career and also enjoyment. Parents are auspicious for him and the source of his supreme confidence which could border on overconfidence and could be perceived by some as arrogance. Could be a highly misunderstood person but at heart a good human being. Can go overboard with his enjoyment if not cautious.


  • 3rd house of Gemini has Sun 22-16-42 – Good and sometimes fatherly help from sibling and extended family whose support he would get and who would play an important role in his life. Would be a good and fearless leader and would do very well in sports.


  • 4th house of Cancer has Mars 12-18-60 (Debilitated) , Mercury 18-25-42 (Enemy) and Ketu [R] 03-09-18 – Landed property, wealth, lifestyle of luxury assured for life. Would be religious, courtesy his mother, to whom he would be very close. Would travel all over the world and would be mostly living out of suitcases and in some discomfort as compared with the luxury of his home. Could also be prone to controversy due to lashing out at people and using a harsh tongue when upset – this is where he would be misunderstood. He would think he is doing a favor by telling the other person his fault but this would be perceived as arrogant and manipulative.


  • 9th house of Sagittarius has Jupiter [R] 08-21-59 (Lord house) – Very good luck and would be at the right place at the right time and hence would do very well in his profession. Would have good and intelligent children. But sometimes due to his abrasiveness or inability to read a situation correctly could suffer in his profession.


  • 10th house of Capricorn has Rahu [R] Capricorn 03-09-18 – Would earn wealth much beyond his wildest imagination.


Present and Future Dashas


  • JUP – RAH till 15/ 4/22 – Excellent time and would be doing well in his profession of cricket and also earning a lot of money. This is also the last sub period before the start of his next Saturn mahadasha during which time he would remain active. Hence, he should enter politics before April 2022 but he would have to be forced into it as he would be a reluctant politician.


  • SAT from 15/ 4/22 till 15/ 4/41- During this time, either Dada would be handling the family business and doing exceedingly well in it and he may, with the support of his family, enter politics. But he would always be a reluctant politician and would depend on his family for support.


Additional Comments

  • Time is auspicious for him from right now till the next 22 years (Saturn mahadasha) to enter and remain in politics. But there is also reluctance seen from his side in entering as he would need the support of his parents and family. Could enter via the state polls and migrate to the Lok Sabha or the Rajya Sabha.


  • Would have the propensity of rubbing people the wrong way but very lucky despite it.


  • He is basically a very positive-minded person but needs some polishing of his sometimes blunt and harsh tongue, that is if he wants to stay long term and rise in politics.

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