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Chanda Kochhar’s sacking as MD and CEO of a famous Indian private bank was in the news but before that for many years she has been in the news as she and her husband were allegedly involved in some allegedly fraudulent transactions. She was in jail too and has got bail.

She is also linked with the stupendous rise of that private bank as India’s second biggest private lender before her unfortunate downfall. So, I wanted to see what planet or planets are responsible for it; because definitely there is planet misalignment/s here because if a person is so successful; then definitely she must be having a good chart but her fall from grace meant that is some problem in the chart and I have found that.

Birth Details

17/11/1961, 1200 Hours, Jodhpur Raj

Lagna Chart

ASC Capricorn 11-02-45 has Saturn 01-55-51(Lord House), Jupiter 08-33-06 (Debilitated) and Ketu [R] 29-03-30

2nd house of Aquarius has Moon 24-27-42

7th house of Cancer has Rahu [R] 29-03-30

10th house of Libra has Mercury 15-28-35 and Venus 14-14-54 (Lord House)

11th house of Scorpion has Sun 01-21-39 and Mars 09-06-41 (Lord House)


KET from 10/ 7/08 till 10/ 7/15

VEN from 10/ 7/15 till 10/ 7/35


Now if you see, she has trouble in the lagna house itself; all the other houses are good. Her lagna house is ascendant Capricorn, makes her a cautious person; basically an intelligent person with Saturn in the lagna house, being its loud house; hence very hardworking; very active, laborious; throughout life she would work hard, she will make her own life. Ketu is also sitting there in the lagna house and that means that she has the courage to take very bold and unpopular decisions or tough decision; she is not scared; but Jupiter debilitated in the lagna house means that she always has to be careful because she can overlook important things and get into serious legal trouble and when Jupiter is debilitated in the lagna house; it means that the trouble is such that you have to be careful all your life; it defines who you are. So the moment you take your eyes off the ball; you can get into trouble.

Her 2nd house is excellent, has Moon; that means she comes from a wealthy family and mentally strong and will be wealthy herself. 7th house has Rahu, hence husband dominating; that is why the husband told her to do something and she followed that and that got her into trouble, infact both got into trouble and that will bring some manageable tension in her life married life.

Now her 10th house is excellent. She would be wealthy, hold a position of authority in her life; she will be very nice to talk to; will live a sophisticated life; she will live with all the material enjoyments and live a charmed life.

Her 11th house has Mars in its lord house and Sun; this means she should be courageous and bold plus fearless; if she wants to do something; it to be difficult to stop her and sometimes this placement’ though it’s very lucky, means that she will be a very strong personality and when I see that see this in conjunction with her lagna house; it means that sometimes when she decides to do something; it is impossible to stop her; so she is CEO material; but Jupiter debilitation means that see she doesn’t listen to good advice; to her own determent and that is exactly what has happened.

I have read her story; on Wikipedia, and in her Ketu mahadasha because Ketu is placed in the same house as her debilitated Jupiter; she made some wrong moves whether it was on purpose or she was just careless; only the courts will tell; but she is always very prone to making wrong decisions; there is always the fear of legal problem over her head; so she has been under this cloud for the complete Ketu mahadasha which started from 2008 till 2015. Subsequently due to the karma or the bad karma that she did during her Ketu mahadasha; which by itself is a good placement but she was least bothered about what she was doing, was so confident, that she readily or unknowingly got herself into trouble; which she either knew at that time or did not know; it’s a matter for the courts to decide; but the good thing is that, she will be able to come out of this because right now her Venus mahadasha from 2015 till 2035 is extremely auspicious and if she does the remedies for Jupiter; she will be able to establish some form of semblance in her professional life; so the cloud over her head will eventually go.

The actions that have jeopardised her life during her past Ketu mahadasha, in her present Venus mahadasha, will gradually recede but she has to do the remedies for debilitated Jupiter; otherwise it may take a lot of time; this because her Jupiter is debilitated in the lagna house; hence it even take her or cloud her entire lifetime also.

So, she has to and remedies and then I’m very hopeful that these dark clouds will recede.

Additional comments

Planet responsible is debilitated Jupiter in the lagna house.

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