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Marjorie Deihl-Armstrong was an American woman with a very high IQ. She was born into a very rich family and was the only child. She was pretty and had it all. But things began to fall apart for her at an early age due to mental health issues.

She slid into the company of wrong men, marrying several times; she would end up killing two of her husbands. She planned their murders in such a way that she would not get caught. She was involved in the planning and execution of a famous bank robbery case in which a pizza delivery guy was sent to rob a bank in Erie, Pennsylvania with a bomb around his neck. The bomb exploded and the man died.

Soon after, her criminal life also began to unravel. But she never confessed, manipulating the police and press alike professing her innocence. The pizza delivery bomb case was one of the most difficult crime that police of that region had encountered. It is now a series on TV.

Let me take a look at Marjorie Deihl-Armstrong’s chart.

Birth Details


  • 26/2/1949, 0700, Erie – PA


  • 4 April 2017, Fort Worth, Texas,

Lagna Chart

  • ASC Aquarius 12-11-36 has Sun 14-26-00 (Enemy), Mars 18-30-30 and Venus 01-59-45 – Very intelligent but would use her intelligence for the wrong reasons and would also bring a bad name to her family. If she wants, can be a very sweet person and can work in a team, but not for something good. Good looking and would have many affairs and boyfriends who would play a major role in her life. Due to her looks would be able to entangle many unsuspecting people in wrong schemes.
  • 3rd house of Aries has Rahu [R] 05-18-02 – Can be very manipulative and though she would not have any siblings but would have associates and friends who would be helpful to her in her schemes. This become more troublesome due to her having Kaal Sarpa Dosha(KSD) in her chart which would make her estranged from her family.
  • 7th house of Leo has Saturn [R] 09-13-50 (Enemy) – Major house in her criminal life that says that she would use her husbands and romantic partners in her profession – in her case criminal profession and they would be the cause of great grief and stress to her.
  • 9th house of Libra has Ketu [R] 05-18-02 – Typically depicts an on and off professional life which is unstable and she has least interest in it. In fact in some cases she could be used by her husbands and associates and romantic partners for their crimes.
  • 11th house of Sagittarius has Jupiter 29-42-30 (Lord house) – This is the house that is an excellent one for her. It made her a sophisticated criminal and legally lucky for a long time. She was born in a wealthy family and could avoid prison for as long as she did; she was also well educated and confident. This differentiated her from the average criminal due to the finesse in her character.
  • 12th house of Capricorn has Moon 29-24-22 and Mercury 17-30-17 – Emotionally very sensitive and would suffer from mental health issues and also would be living in uncomfortable situations. Would have a poisonous tongue and could easily pick a fight.

Dashas since birth

  • MAR from 26/ 2/49 till 19/12/52 – Excellent time and born in a very good family
  • RAH from 19/12/52 till 19/12/70 – The first signs of turmoil were planted during this period as she started experiencing mental health issues and her parents started to doubt her, though it was well hidden and low profile at this time. She also got exposed to wrong people and quit her teaching job.
  • JUP from 19/12/70 till 19/12/86 – Excellent time during which she was very lucky. It can be easily said that many more crimes that she did in this time would have been hidden due to her excellent Jupiter period and she could easily portray the normalcy and get married despite the trouble brewing internally.
  • SAT from 19/12/86 till 19/12/05 – This is the time when her life stated to really spiral out of control. Stress due to husbands and romantic partners led to trouble in her life. However, her excellent Jupiter ensured that a lot more than Saturn was required to out her as a criminal. She defiantly denied all the charges and foxed the police due to her powerful planets (in green) but was in deep deep trouble due to men in her life.
  • MER from 19/12/05 till 19/12/22 – This was the start of the end and her Mercury ensured that she got outed as she entered her this period in a weakened position. All that was needed was her 12th house Mercury to land her in prison for good and then out came the secrets. It was in her Mercury – Moon period that she passed away due to cancer in a prison hospital. Her body unable to take the stress and negativity of her life and bad karma.

Additional information

  • She could have lived an average life but her dasha cycle combined with her KSD just set her on the wrong karmic path.

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