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Bill Gates, was the first name of what was to later become a trend of billionaires coming from the Silicon Valley in the USA. He founded the Microsoft and his success story is known by one and all throughout the world.

One of the second richest men in the world with assets over 100 billion USD; he is totally engaged in the works of his multiple charities along with his wife throughout the world and is accorded the respect of similar to a head of state wherever he goes.

As with most public figures his exact birth time is not known and hence I have determined his astrologically accurate birth time by the birth rectification method.

This would be done by using the vast amount of information available in the public domain about him and then by an iterative and elimination process draw multiple birth charts (for the day and place of his birth but for different times). Finally I would independently determine his time of birth and hence his birth chart and predict his future.


Birth Details (Birth Time Determined)

  • 28/10/1955, 1232 Hours, Seattle, Washington State, USA

Lagna Chart and its analysis

  • ASC Sagittarius 20-19-50 – Excellent due to immerse self drive


  • 4th house of Pisces has Moon 09-29-37 – Excellent and a healthy emotional relation with mother who inculcated the importance of charity in him. Also his Moon gives him a lot of mental strength, though it being in between his 12th house Rahu and 6th house Ketu also makes him not realize the full power of his Moon and he may feel disturbed during his Moon mahadasha.


  • 6th house of Taurus has Ketu [R] 26-14-45- Can be combative or ignore people if one does not agree or listen to him and can go against the tide.


  • 9th house of Leo has Jupiter 04-29-22 – Excellent for happiness from children, professional success, success in legal affairs, despite lack of initial formal education. He would more than compensate for it by amassing a huge number of Honorary Degrees/certificates and awards in his lifetime.


  • 10th house of Virgo has Mars 16-38-31 (Enemy) and Mercury 22-59-10 (Exalted) – Excellent for a life of comforts and riches but there is money inflow and outflow, as he would not be the sort of person to hoard money. His Mercury is exalted and gives him the finesse needs to make lots of money but his Mars would make him a charitable person and a no nonsense person preferring to operate from the background. Money losses in ventures cannot be ruled out. He is a person who does not mince his words but can be diplomatic and charming too when required.


  • 11th house of Libra has Sun 11-24-37(Debilitated), Venus 26-30-40 (Lord House) and Saturn 28-18-41 (Exalted)- This is the house that is in his DNA – “CONTROVERSY &“FAME’’.  His exalted Saturn would ensure fame via his profession beyond his wildest dreams. His Venus in its own house makes him have all the enjoyments of life as well as have a reliable and loving partner for life, though it cannot be ruled out that he would not have issues with his marriage if there is no control on material enjoyments. This as his 7th house has no planets. His Sun would make him ‘camera shy’ and not like to be in the limelight but it would follow him, it would make him a kind of a reclusive person who would not like publicity ad makes him prone to wrong decisions and loss of wealth and popularity.


  • 12th house of Scorpion has Rahu [R] 26-14-45 – This makes him dive in to charities or giving to the needy as he would give away most of his money away in foreign lands (mostly) as well as to his own country. He would be spiritual and reserved and protective about his personal life. His Rahu would also ensure that his name lives much beyond him.

Dasha Period since birth

  • Saturn from 28/10/55 till 18/ 1/66 – This is an excellent period for him and being born into an excellent family and also having a privileged first 11 years of his life.
  • Mercury from 18/ 1/66 till 18/ 1/83 – Lived a life of luxury courtesy his well-to-do parents and also got all the encouragements from them; that played a major role in being the Bill gates he is – Mentally strong but socially and even professionally professionally to operate from the background. Humble could be a word to define him.
  • Ketu from 18/ 1/83 till 18/ 1/90 – This was a time when he struggled and worked very hard and was at his rebellious best and borne a lot of stress and it paid rich dividends in the long run.
  • Venus from 18/ 1/90 till 18/ 1/10- Excellent time when he found his partner for life as he got married in 1994 and it was an event which changed his life for the better as he found a wife who made his life stable and the mother of his 3 children and also shares his interest in charities. Additionally it made him rich and famous beyond his imagination. This was the time when he started thinking of stepping down from leadership role at Microsoft.
  • Sun from 18/ 1/10 till 18/ 1/16 – This is the planet that is responsible for him not liking publicity or as the face of a company but his 11th house always forces it on him. Hence his Sun period made him dive into charitable activities as well as face some legal challenges which he would be able to maneuverer them due to his excellently placed Jupiter. There could be some wrong decisions that he makes and this would only intensify in his next Moon mahadasha where he would be able to decide.
  • Moon from 18/ 1/16 till 18/ 1/26 – This the period that he is going through right now and inspired by his mother he is busy travelling the world overseeing his many charitable organizations which run in tens of billions of dollars. This he does with the help and assistance of his life partner Melinda but there could be some issue that would bog him down due to his Rahu and Ketu and Moon in between these planets. He could looses some money and landed property in this time if he is not careful.
  • Mars from 18/ 1/26 till 18/ 1/33 – This phase would involve some more potential legal challenges and/or he could pledge most of his wealth to charity during this phase of his life. This would be the time when he actively gives away most of what he has made to the less fortunate.
  • Rahu from 18/ 1/33 till 18/ 1/51 – In his 80’s and during his Rahu phase he would have already placed his charities in good hands to run much beyond him and his wife’s lifespans.

Additional Comments

  • His name would outlive  him due to his charities and the direct and indirect differences that he has made to the life of billions of people and expecting nothing in return.
  • He is camera shy and an extremely private person and a rebel at heart.
  • He is the sort of person who would never want to meet you again if all that you talk with him was about money and his riches!
  • From 2010 onwards his personal time is full of ups and downs due to an inherent disbalance in his chart.


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