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Before i answer this question,i would like to mention that i take the birth details of all public figures for whom a do a chart analysis from what is available in the public domain.

While doing the chart analysis (live) on Quora, i get the feel if the birth details are genuine or not.

Only If i find that the chart tells me things that are consistent with the information available about he person in the public domain then i go ahead with the analysis otherwise i do a birth time rectification here itself. Mostly the uncertainty is in the time of birth.

Sometime people write to me to do the analysis of such and such person and then i do it.

Arun Jaitley has been a student leader who rose to prominence with the rise if the BJP as alternative political force in India. He held very powerful positions in the GOI under Hon’ble PM Shri Narendra Modi’s government from 2014 till 2019 after which he took a break due to health issues.

Let us now take a look at the chart of this brilliant lawyer and public servant who dedicated his complete life for his country.

Birth Details

  • 28/12/1952, 1200 Hours, New Delhi (Sun Mahadasha)

Passed Away

  • 24/8/2019, 1207 Hours, New Delhi (Saturn- Rahu phase)

Lagna Chart and its analysis

  • ASC Pisces 08-46-13 – Emotional and genuine person and a gentleman at heart.
  • 2nd house of Aries has Jupiter [R] 17-52-29 – Born to a good family and a self made person who made his parents proud, also an excellent father and husband, who due to his profession had scant time for family.
  • 3rd house of Taurus has Moon 08-48-24 – Very close to mother and she was auspicious for him as were his siblings. Mentally also a strong strong man. His exalted Moon symbolizes that he achieved much more in all spheres of his life that was expected (even by himself). It makes him mentally very sharp and agile.
  • 5th house of Cancer has Ketu [R] 21-04-15 – Good children but would have scnat time for them due to preoccupation.
  • 8th house of Libra has Saturn 02-46-50 – His exalted Saturn in the 8th house symbolizes that he would become king due to his profession BUT at the cost of his health due to stress related ailments. Hence health precautions necessary.
  • 9th house of Scorpion has Mercury 23-36-09 – Excellent for career and a refined way of earning via his razor sharp mind.
  • 10th house of Sagittarius has Sun 13-17-27 – Would become very rich due to excellence in his career as well as leadership skills. Also his father very auspicious for him.
  • 11th house of Capricorn has Venus 27-23-26 and Rahu [R] 21-04-15 – Excellent for name and fame and worldly enjoyments that come with the same and also his Rahu would give him all of a sudden but more name and fame than he ever imagined. This is a chart of self made man.
  • 12th house of Aquarius has Mars 04-46-33 – This is a little troubling for him as his Mars would give him an anger and rebellious nature that could be counter productive in corporate settings but helpful in firebrand student leader level politics. This would also make him inclined to work for the benefit of other and also take up causes for others at his own cost.
  • Dasha Periods since birth and their analysis

    • Sun for 6 years, from 28/12/52 till 12/ 7/53 – Excellent foundation at birth due to birth in a good family.
    • Moon for 10 years, from 12/ 7/53 till 12/ 7/63 – Super excellent period and gained a lot of his mental skills and courageous temperament and a good value system from both his parents.
    • Mars for 7 years, from 12/ 7/63 till 12/ 7/70 – This is a testing time where efforts would not have given the required results to him and he had to struggle and work hard, which he did.
    • Rahu for 18 years, from 12/ 7/70 till 12/ 7/88 – Excellent phase which catapulted him to name and fame via his professional and political acumen, even beyond his dreams, such good was his Rahu.
    • Jupiter for 16 years, from 12/ 7/88 till 12/ 7/04- Focused on his legal profession along with some struggle in his political career but things generally went good for him so that to place him at a position in life where he would be able to jump to professional glory in his next Saturn dasha.
    • Saturn for 19 years, from 12/ 7/04 till 12/ 7/23- This is the house that made him the Arun Jaitley and also took him from us so suddenly. Due to his exalted Saturn in the 8th house of Libra, a fine and sharp mind and strong mind made him rise in his profession and reach the pinnacle of success but it came with stress and related ailments that his Saturn and especially his 8th house having his Saturn gave him.
    • SAT – MAR from 15/1/17 till 24/ 2/18 – This period his health deteriorated and overwhelmed him.
    • SAT – RAH from 24/2/2018 till 30/12/20 – This was the time when he had everything at his feet except his health and that is what 8th house Saturn can do and when it comes in the age range past 55 years, it most likely extracts its pound of flesh, despite huge material success.

    Additional Analysis

    • All planets friendly or exalted, shows an optimistic nature
    • Largely self made man, and worked his way upwards, despite obstacles by sheer intelligence, professional success and good karma.
    • Exalted Moon and Saturn at critical life phases were the cornerstone of his tremendous rise in life and also took him away.

    Hari Om Tat Sat

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