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Birth Details

12/12/1980, 1200, Mumbai (Unconfirmed)

Died: 2 September 2021, Mumbai – Heart Attack

Lagna Chart

ASC Aquarius 12-57-33 – Excellent and fun-loving and adventurous person.

6th house of cancer has Rahu [R] 19-58-04 – Tough due to Kaal Sarpa Dosha and trouble due to sudden health issues, and behind the scene enmity. This was the sub period during which he passed away.

8th house of Virgo has Jupiter 13-57-20 (Enemy) and Saturn 14-58-09 – Challenging for heath from stress related ailments and also frustrations and inability to achieve the level of professional success that he had set for him, lack of happiness from children. Left us at the fag end of his Jupiter mahadasha and before the start of his next 8th house Saturn mahadasha.

9th house of Libra has Venus 28-57-41 – Excellent for looks and professional success from film industry / show business. Enjoyments in life – sometimes too much.

10th house of Scorpion has Sun 26-48-58 and Mercury 16-17-29 – Excellent for wealth, and a life of comfort and luxury, being morally correct and a good human being, very polished and sophisticated by temperament.

11th house of Sagittarius has Mars 21-54-07 – Team player and one who takes people along with him, popular with friends, would be well known and famous though his 8th house planets would mar that to some extent

12th house of Capricorn has Moon 21-38-13 and Ketu [R] 19-58-04 – Emotionally fragile and would suffer from issues due to him being sensitive person and this would mar his personal and professional life and has to take care of his health from stress related ailments. Losses in personal and professional life due to emotions and sensitivity are seen.

Dasha at the time of his passing

JUP – RAH – till 20/ 3/23 – This was the last sub period of his troubling Jupiter mahadasha and this was more so as it was his Rahu sub period. Jupiter in the 8th house with Rahu in the 6th house is never good. Tough from the point of view of stress related health ailments all of a sudden and without notice.

SAT from 20/ 3/23 till 20/ 3/42 – He did not live long enough to enter his 6th house Saturn mahadasha but would have felt the stress and strain due to it – directly, as it approached.

Additional Comments

His 8th house Saturn made him unable to achieve success to the level that he wanted and gave him health issues all of a sudden due to emotional sensitivity due to his 12th house Moon.

What ever he achieved in his life was due to his 9th, 10th and 11th houses.

He was unable to handle work related stress as is the case with so many youngsters these days. Many youngsters are retiring from this fast paced, stressful life so that they can focus in their health. That is the only way to save oneself.

May his Soul RIP

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