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Lakshmi Mittal is an Indian billionaire and global steel tycoon. Let me take a look at his chart.

Birth Details

  • 15/6/1950, 1200 Hours, Sadulpur – RJ (Time not known)

Lagna Chart

  • Asc Leo 24-23-47 has Saturn 20-13-25 – Excellent for profession
  • 2nd house of Virgo has Mars 08-07-50 and Ketu 10-11-40 – Excellent for family support in all aspects of his life
  • 7th house of Aquarius has Jupiter 14-04-53 – Makes him very lucks especially with regards to spouse and children and his family would play a prominent role in his life
  • 8th house of Pisces has Rahu 10-11-40 – Challenging as can give him health issues
  • 9th house of Aries has Venus 22-37-05 – Major role of spouse in his profession and also enjoyments for the couple for life
  • 10th house of Taurus has Moon 26-03-13(Exalted) and Mercury 07-39-13 – Excellent for wealth and the luxuries of the world at his feet , also a high level of sophistication and mental strength which is rare to find and makes him operate much above his chart – SUPREME WEALTH
  • 11th house of Gemini has Sun 00-25-57 – Name and fame
  • Dasha

    • Mars from 15/6/50 to 11/1/56 – Born in an excellent family with a silver spoon in his mouth
    • Rahu from 11/1/56 to 11/1/74 – Tough time but there was protection of his stable family to protect him, frequent and chronic health issues
    • Jupiter from 11/1/74 to 11/1/90 – Marriage changed his life for the better and after that there was no looking back
    • Saturn from 11/1/90 to 11/1/09 – Excellent period during which he grew from strength to strength professionally
    • Mercury from 11/1/09 to 11/1/26 – Excellent period and started earning huge amounts of money during this time. This is his present dasha also and an excellent period
    • Ketu from 11/1/26 to 11/1/33 – Excellent time and could be deeply involved in mantra, religion and spirituality.
    • Venus from 11/1/33 to 11/1/53 – Excellent time and would be active and working all through his life and would also bask in the happiness of his children

    Additional Analysis

    • His parents have aptly named him Laxmi Niwas or the abode of Goddess Laxmi
    • His chart is as strong as steel !


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