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Let me analyse the charts of a couple of top you tube influencers. I will not name them but they both have above 10 million subscribers. I believe that for most You Tubers and even for the influencers, this is never a source of stable long term employment/income, as technology keeps on changing, so they not only have to work very hard while making the videos but also keep on reinventing themselves – not easy. Being successful is ‘relatively’ easy but remaining successful is really tough and lets see if they survive the pressures that limelight brings with it.

Case Study 1 – Meteoric rise over the past year

Lagna Chart

ASC Scorpion 09-33-44 has Mars 09-37-08 (Lord House)- Excellent and makes the native super lucky and blessed.

3rd house of Capricorn has Ketu [R] 17-17-23 -Good

6th house of Aries has Jupiter [R]10-47-36 and Saturn [R] 23-14-46 – Challenging for health and long term career though very lucky as Jupiter and Saturn mahadasha are at the fag end of the natives life.

9th house of cancer has Venus [R] 25-05-49 and Rahu [R]17-17-23 – Good, through average looks but sudden name and money.

10th house of Leo has Sun 21-20-10 (Lord House), Moon 00-48-43 and Mercury 21-00-50 – Excellent for money, Support of parents, courage, sometimes can be cranky, upset and moody. Polite and would live a life of luxury.

Case Study 2 – Popular since the past 3 to 4 years with 30 million subscribers.

Lagna Chart

ASC Aries 01-09-16 – Excellent as makes him very lucky and wise.

2nd house of Taurus has Moon 04-39-32 (Exalted) and Ketu [R] 06-11-19 – Very good though due to Mild Kaal Sarpa Yoga, while there is benefic impact to the career but at the cost of personal life and self and parents health. Immense wealth but expenses too, life would throw frequent challenges but the native would be able to deal with it.

7th house of Libra has Jupiter 18-47-09 – Good for luck and marriage.

8th house of Scorpion has Rahu [R] 06-11-19 – Challenging for health of self and parents.

10th house of Capricorn has Sun 08-14-08, Mars 01-40-04 (Exalted), Mercury 20-12-48 and Venus 09-28-59 – Power packed house and wealth, prosperity, landed property, name, fame, power/authority, life of luxury, excellent looks, would enjoy life and reach the pinnacles of success in the show business.

11th house of Aquarius has Saturn 05-26-35 (Lord House) – Name and fame at his feet via hard work.

My 2 cents

I would put my bet on Case study 2 as the long race horse and he would get into the film world and be a great success there and not remain on the fringes of show business.

Based on publicly available birth details.

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