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India’s dynamic foreign minister S. Jaishankar was always working behind the scene in shaping his countries foreign policy, in the prestigious Indian foreign service (IFS); but since the past 8 to 10 years his career graph has shown a stupendous rise and he has come to be known as Prime Minister Modi’s go to man, when it concerns India’s external relations. His dynamic capability has not only told the world that India has a strong spine and will stand for its interests first; and he has told this to the most powerful countries in the world in an assertive way, for which he is being respected; as is being the Modi government. Let me do an analysis of his chart as a mark of respect to this great son of the soil hailing from Tamil Nadu, but who grew up in Delhi.

Birth Details

9/1/1955, 0205 Hours, New Delhi (Determined by self)

Lagna Chart

ASC Libra 14-46-54 has Saturn 25-47-10 (Exalted) – Makes him a perfect diplomat; because of being an ascendant Libra at 14 plus degrees, he will always try to balance his relations with people; he will think before talking or taking any action and he will be a very thoughtful person; but at the same time Saturn powerfully exalted in the lagna house makes him very active; in fact hyperactive; he would work all his life too; do very well in his career and due to his own hard work, he will become somebody who is highly known and regarded in his profession, which will be the source of luxuries, power, authority, name and fame for him. He will never retire.

2nd house of Scorpion has Venus 08-57-06 – Venus is also excellently placed and this means that he comes from a very good family and will be married to a lady from a very good family, who would be the source of strength for him all his life; he would be good looking and charming and enjoy all the material benefits that life can provide and also, he would have a upper or a higher level of life; that means he will be wealthy and live a luxurious life, without asking for it.

3rd house of Sagittarius has Sun 24-34-40 and Rahu [R] 11-46-21 – His 3rd house having Sun and Rahu, means the impact of siblings cannot be ignored; he would be having siblings who would be helping him all his life; his father also would have a major positive role to play in his life and all of a sudden help could come to him that would propel him into the stratosphere of his profession. He would be courageous and no-nonsense person, not afraid to speak his mind out, he will be very bold person also not be scared of taking anybody on.

4th house of Capricorn has Mercury 03-17-17 – This placement is necessary if you want to become a diplomat; hence his profession and family will be the source of material wealth; comfort; inheritances. He would be very soft spoken; he would talk very well; this in conjunction with his lagna house makes him one who would be extremely polite and sophisticated to a fault. People find him over polite and unflappable; and this is a perfect placement for being in the diplomatic core and also making a huge amount of positive impact due to his career.

6th house of Pisces has Mars 02-12-28 – Now this placement gives him some anger; that is if you talk some nonsense in front of him; he would not tolerate that; he would tell you on the face; though he would tell you politely but he would tell you on the face and also he would not be the one at whom you can throw pot shots and he would ignore them. No, he by his own ways and means would get back at his enemies; whether in his personal or his professional life. So, he is not the one who can be taken for granted; he would definitely have an angry side to him; that is well cloaked.

 9th house of Gemini has Moon 28-57-20 and Ketu [R] 11-46-21 – This placement is also extremely benefic for him, because it gives him mental strength, wealth, father and mother become very auspicious for him and he would like working; he would not care for promotions or merits or awards or rewards; he would just like working; he would work all his life; would enjoy it so much; and he would despite not being greedy or craving for material success or promotions or increments, would always be blessed with enormous career benefits and promotions all his life. So, he is so he is extremely lucky and he will do well in his profession, is an understatement.

10th house of Cancer has Jupiter [R] 02-35-36 (Exalted) – This placement is the icing on the cake because Jupiter even though retrograde is exalted; that means he would be highly educated; though there can be some breaks in his education but he would be highly educated; he would be an intellectual kind of a person; have authority, wealth, name and fame at his feet. He would be like a guru kind of a person with a lot of deep knowledge; though there can be, as I mentioned some breaks in his education. Also, he would be the father of healthy children, who would also be the source of immense happiness for him; but there is some worry seen on account of his children; though with the remedies for his Jupiter things can be smoothened.


VEN from 11/ 4/03 till 11/ 4/23  – Right now he is going through one of the best times in his life; he is living comfortably in the family way; he is happy with his family; he has got a wife or a spouse or a family that would be his the bedrock of his success and strength; he is living comfortably; enjoying all the material benefits of life and also doing excellently well career wise and basically enjoying his work and life because you have to remember that he is a restless person; he cannot sit idle and he is being kept as busy as he can be and he is enjoying that.

  • VEN – KET till 11/ 4/23 – So this is the last antardasha before his Sun mahadasha starts and during this time he will be travelling far and wide and he will have no time for anything else apart from his job and there is nothing to worry at all; there are only good things in this chart; if he does the remedy for his retrograde/exalted Jupiter and drinks from a copper vessel for his Mars; we could see that he could alter India’s image globally; such is the powerful and benefic impact of his chart. Now what happens is his Venus mahadasha is at its fag end; it is going to end soon in April 2023 and after that his Sun mahadasha will start. His Sun is placed in his 3rd house; so there is no let-up in his professional acumen; he will continue from strength to strength in his professional life and his chart also shows that Prime Minister Modi’s government will remain in power for a long time and he will be the external affairs minister or he may be given dual ministries; as the case may be; because his time is also excellent.

SUN from 11/ 4/23 till 11/ 4/29  – This is the start of his 3rd house Sun mahadasha; this is an excellent time, his Sun being placed in the 3rd house. He would be regarded as a fearless crusader for the external interests of India and he would not be afraid of speaking his mind and also at times he would take on people who criticise India for no reason; and he would take them on their face, due to his bold and fearless nature and be a true son of India, raising its power and prestige throughout the world.

MON from 11/ 4/29 till 11/ 4/39 – Again this is an excellent time and this seems to be the chart of a person who will never retire; during this time also it is seen that he would be doing very well professionally; he will never retire or sit idle; and he will keep on working all his life; he would keep on travelling all his life and professionally he would go from strength to strength and as he goes from strength to strength; so will the destiny of his birth country India go from strength to strength and so will the destiny of his leader PM Modi go from strength to strength.

Additional Analysis

Many people ask me that, Sir I want to be in the Indian foreign service. So Sirs here is an ideal chart of a such a person, who not only got selected in the Indian foreign service, that is the first part, but retired with honours from the Indian foreign service; then due to his immense credibility got selected as the foreign minister of India and that is not ending here. He will continue to operate and make name for himself and his country. So, this is a prime example of the chart of a successful bureaucrat/politician/family man/courageous and moral person.

The excellent thing about him that made him a very successful bureaucrat, is that he doesn’t want to be in the limelight; he just his only concern his duty, his work or his job.

He is Bharat Bhagya Vidhata

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