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Padma Bhushan and Ex- ISRO scientist Shri Nambi Narayan had it all, this is what he thought when he joined as a young engineer in the scientist grade at ISRO to develop India’s rocket technology, but he never came to be known as the rocket man of India ? Instead his career was left in tatters by a spy scandal that rocked him and he was assignment to a desk job for the rest of his career at ISRO. He was professionally sidelined. Why ? This as unknown to him his Saturn (and Jupiter ) were ill placed and their mahadashas feel at the prime of his career. Hence though he got recognition and even monetary award but not for his professional acumen but after fighting like a fearless man to get his reputation restored, which was recently , due to his powerful lagna house. This is what Saturn does. It finishes off your working life and send you another part; that is if your other planets are strong. Please read on and do not forget not to salute such heroes who have fought the corrupt forces even at the cost of their and families safety and made India a better country. India needs people like him. This analysis is my way of paying respects to his incredible courage. Jai Hind.

Birth Details

12/12/1941, 0500 Hours (Determined by self via birth time rectification), Nagercoil – TN

Lagna Chart

ASC Scorpion 06-20-51 has Sun 26-31-14 and Mercury 20-57-25 – Excellent

3rd house of Capricorn has Venus 12-12-59 – Excellent

4th house of Aquarius has Ketu [R] 24-51-23 – Very Good

5th house of Pisces has Mars 23-50-35 – Excellent

7th house of Taurus has Jupiter [R] 22-53-19 (Enemy) and Saturn [R] 00-09-42 – Tough and Jupiter enemy and retrograde and Saturn retrograde and slip in to the evil 6th house

10th house of Leo has Moon 28-55-37 and Rahu [R] 24-51-23 – Excellent


JUP from 6/12/81 till 6/12/97

SAT from 6/12/97 till 6/12/16

MER from 6/12/16 till 6/12/33

Please watch the analysis on my YT video below.

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