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Cyrus Mistry, the former chairman of Tata Group, died in a car accident. Born into a family which has had deep business ties with the Tatas, Mistry was made chairman of the conglomerate at a relatively young age. Was there something in his planets which gave an inkling about his corporate life, and his sudden and tragic death?

Birth Details

4/7/1968, 0539 Hours, Mumbai (Birth Time determined by self)


4 September 2022 (aged 54), Palghar, Maharashtra, India

Lagna Chart

ASC Gemini 11-52-10 has Sun 18-40-25, Mars 15-08-20 (Enemy), Mercury 00-24-55 (Lord House) and Venus 22-24-52

3rd house of Leo has Jupiter 09-27-40

4th house of Virgo has Ketu [R] 20-46-42 and Moon 24-47-26

10th house of Pisces has Rahu [R] 20-46-42.

11th house of Aries has Saturn 01-08-18 (Debilitated)


SAT mahadasha from 29/ 9/08 till 29/ 9/27

  • SAT – RAH antardasha from 11/5/22 till 17/ 3/25

Lagna chart and its explanation

ASC Gemini 11-52-10 has Sun 18-40-25, Mars 15-08-20 (Enemy), Mercury 00-24-55 (Lord House) and Venus 22-24-52 – Excellent for luck and self-drive but Mars enemy positioned makes him argumentative. He would basically be a fun-loving person; very courageous but argumentative; if you don’t agree with this point of view; he will argue; he will be born with a silver spoon in his mouth; and due to his lord house Mercury in the lagna house even though weak, while arguing he would be very polite and in general sophisticated in his mannerism and he would also be very good looking and enjoy or addicted to the material enjoyments of life and he would have a very happy married life.

3rd house of Leo has Jupiter 09-27-40 – Excellent for education; comes from a very good family – wealth luck would be at his feet and this is basically the chart of a king or a prince; he would not be working himself but other people would be working for him; also his father is extremely lucky for him and vice versa and the reason for his immense wealth. He would become father of health children who would be the source of his happiness.

4th house of Virgo has Ketu [R] 20-46-42 and Moon 24-47-26 – Would have lot of landed property; wealth that he would inherit from his family; would be mentally very strong; mother would be auspicious for him though the relations can have its ups and downs; but he would not care much about his material wealth or he would not be money minded or greedy; yes, he can be argumentative and a little lazy.

10th house of Pisces has Rahu [R] 20-46-42 –Gives him Kaal Sarpa Dosha (KSD). Now though this placement gives him a money; a lot of money unexpected money and wealth; beyond his wildest imagination; in fact his father had would have become very rich courtesy of him too; because he was born with a chart that bestowed a lot of money and finances to him; but also his Rahu gives him KSD; as if you see; all planets between his 4th house Ketu and 10th house Rahu are empty and hence he would not be able to have a full married life or happy married life and he would always be working and that is why he left his family so early and suddenly without notice; and during his life also he would not have had so much time for his loved ones.

11th house of Aries has Saturn 01-08-18 (Debilitated) – This is a very critical and interesting placement; because people with debilitated Saturn normally cannot become chairman of Tata sons; that is  people with debilitated Saturn; even if it is the 11th house; though in the case of Cyrus Mistry, he was born with lot of wealth; there is lot of wealth; there is no dearth of it; but this is a chart of a king/prince; he would not be work able to work hard himself and the proof of his debilitated Saturn is that such people are generally overweight; they are lazy and they think a lot procrastinate a lot; but from their own hard work they are seldom able to increase; the success that they have inherited and that is what creates a lot of turmoil inside them; a lot of frustration inside them because they are not able to even come close despite their hard work to get the amount of career success that for example his father would have handed over to him and that is one of the reasons why I think Ratan Tata misread this in him and that is why they had a nasty legal fight and he was removed from the post of Tata sons; because to be in that post you have to have an excellent Saturn; otherwise you cannot run such a company; you can have people running the company for you; as his the case with his own fathers company; but you cannot directly run a company like Tata sons; so with great humility; though I am nobody to comment; but astrologically; I would say that had I seen his chart; I would have told Ratan Tata not to make him chairman of Tata sons and also if you see since 2008 his debilitated Saturn mahadasha is going on; so there is no way he would have been successful in his professional life. He was just covered by the money that he has inherited and that has multiplied by itself; in fact when Cyrus Mistry died he was going through one of the worst times in his life from 2008 and it would have lasted till 2027; but unfortunately he was not to complete his Saturn mahadasha and this is what his Saturn dis; it took him out suddenly; had Cyrus Mistry come to me I would have told him to do the remedies for his Saturn and be very careful of his health and wellbeing but alas it is too late. There was doom seen in his life; either from health issues or any other issues due to his malefic Saturn.

Dasha and its explanation

SAT mahadasha from 29/ 9/08 till 29/ 9/27 – He was going through one of the roughest times on his life; when he was chosen as the chairman of Tata sons and as I have mentioned; every human resource department; should keep an astrologer because we can tell whether the person would be able to meet the requirements or not and sadly despite his strong drive; had I been asked by Tata sons or by the honourable Ratan Tata; I would have told him/them; don’t make him chairman and that is what happened; they had a massive fight, which went all the way up to the supreme Court and he had to leave within 4 years; that is the first time this has happened in the history of Tata sons; because he was going through his terrible Saturn mahadasha; debilitated in the 11th house; which would have /has have given him a bad name professionally; it gave him a lot of bad name; that was in his destiny when he took this job – Trouble, bad name & failure.

  • SAT – RAH antardasha from 11/5/22 till 17/ 3/25 – When he left us suddenly; he was going through his Saturn-Rahu antardasha and due to his KSD; this was one of the worst times and again had Cyrus Mistry come to me; I would have told him to do his remedies not take any risks whatsoever; get the chart of his other family members analysed and be careful. Indian roads are very dangerous; not travel by road; flights are much more; safe commercial flights or even trains are much more safe; do anything but don’t drive on the highway and don’t take any risks because he passed away during his debilitated Saturn and KSD/Rahu antardasha; which was a very very bad time for him on a personal level. And it took him out suddenly. This KSD is somewhat similar to Late Field Marshal General Bipan Rawat’s case too, where unsafe and reckless decisions are taken. May his soul rest in peace.

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