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Birth Details

11/8/1985, 0915 Hours, Manama – Bahrain (Birth time determined by self)

Lagna Chart

ASC Virgo 18-52-43 – Excellent

2nd house of Libra has Saturn 28-02-46 (Exalted) and Ketu [R] 19-43-22 – Very Good

5th house of Capricorn has Jupiter [R]17-32-10 (Debilitated) – Challenging

8th house of Aries has Rahu [R] 19-43-22 – Challenging

9th house of Taurus has Moon 22-17-40 (Exalted) – Excellent

10th house of Gemini has Venus 16-33-55 – Excellent

11th house of Cancer has Sun 24-52-51, Mars 17-21-27 (Debilitated) and Mercury [R] 24-16-51 (Enemy) – Roller coaster brush with fame


JUP from 22/ 5/11 until 22/ 5/27

  • JUP – MON till 22/ 1/24

SAT from 22/ 5/27 until 22/ 5/46


(Written as though I am talking to her)

You have an overall good chart but your life will be controversial. You are an ASC Virgo. You are a realistic and practical person; there is little emotion in you and think with your head. Your 2nd house has Saturn exalted with Ketu. You belong to a good family; you are very hard working and you have worked your way up in life. You will earn a lot of money. You will do very well in your profession, which will be the source of your life of luxury.

The problem is that your 5th house is debilitated Jupiter and its mahadasha is going on right now until 2027. This is a very disappointing time for you, since despite an otherwise good chart and some magnificent planetary placements, this time is going to test you. You are in legal and personal soup, and this will drag on until 2027, when this mahadasha ends. It will/is extract/extracting its pound of flesh. It will bring you a very bad name. You may or may not go to prison but you can handle this emotionally despite being battered and bruised. You can deal with it.  

Your 8th house has Rahu; hence, there will be some health-related issues. Though outwardly you look confident and attractive, there will be some health-related issues that you will get all of a sudden.

Your 9th house exalted Moon gives you your confidence and luck, which you sometimes take for granted. It also makes you very lucky and emotionally strong and this is what is saving you right now.

Your pretty looks are due to your 10th house Venus. You will leave a very high quality of life; you will be wealthy but be prone to be addicted to the material enjoyments that life offers. That is why, due to a conjunction of malefic planets in your 5th and 11th houses, you got attracted to the wrong person and you are in deep trouble.

Your 11th house or your ‘brush with fame’ house has a well-placed Sun, but Mars is debilitated and Mercury retrograde. What this does is that on your way up, you have used and crushed many people. Now they and your karma is out with daggers to harm you. It could not have come at a worse time given your present debilitated Jupiter mahadasha until 2027.

The chances of you living uncomfortably is always there – living out of your suitcase, prison included, when the time is bad, as it is right now. You are jailed in a way as your passport has been impounded and your wings clipped.

Hence, even though you would be used to leading a jet-set life, there is no settlement in your life. Due to your 11th house, you will never feel settled. Your brush with fame will bring infamy because you have Mars debilitated in the same 11th house. You will not be able to see through the other person’s intention since you are blinded by the bling – shiny, material objects.

Given your present challenging time, it’s a cocktail for disaster. This was in your karma and your benevolent planets are saving you even now.

I do not think you are foolish and naïve because exalted Saturn and exalted Moon in your chart does not represent somebody who is foolish. This is a very smart and intelligent person. But yes, you did get attracted for the sake of money only and material rewards.  

Until 2027, hopefully, you would have learnt your lesson. After that, the time is better for you. I’m not sure if you will be placed in India but you will not settle in India. You could spend some time in India and start travelling or roaming the world in search of money and a career again; sometime here and there. Wandering soul!

So, that is the kind of chart you have. You will have houses in many places but will never feel settled. You will have many romantic liaisons or boyfriends; some of them of questionable character, but that is the state of your life.

One thing I can assure you is that there is immense wealth. Mentally or emotionally, you will be able to soldier on but legal trouble is there in your chart due to the dangerous cocktail of material enjoyments to which you are addicted or attracted. Additionally, there is a longing to settle down in life. And there is some bad karma from your past. This has entangled you in a cosmic web and you will be there for at least 2 or 3 years more. The Government of India has some strong evidence against you and they will go after you. Eventually, after 2027, you may come to a legal deal or plea bargain.

You will keep on being associated with the film world/show business all your life but there is a shift in the place of your life after 2027 for the better. However, the scars of whatever is happening right now will remain with you for the rest of your life.

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