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Gautam Adani, named recently as the second richest man in the world, is an exceedingly lucky risk-taker. And he would be, with all planets placed auspiciously in his chart. Read my analysis to see how they have shaped his personality and career.

Birth Details

24/6/1962, 0200 Hours, Ahmedabad – GJ

Lagna Chart

ASC Aries 04-57-57 has Mars 25-43-30 (Lord House) – This is the house partially responsible for making him who he is – Gautam Adani. It gives him leadership skills par excellence and makes him a team player. More than anything, it makes him a risk taker He would not back away from taking a risk even if advisors ask him not to do a certain thing. He would listen to these advisers nicely and patiently; but finally he would be the one who would make the decision. This placement, along with his Kaal Sarp Yog, defines him. If he stops taking risks, we would not have had a Gautam Adani. At the same time, this house makes him a nice human being, dependable and reliable at the core. He will be fair and aggressive.

2nd house of Taurus has Mercury 19-18-51- Polite and sophisticated, he would be born in a good family whose wealth would only increase. His parents are extremely auspicious for him and he would leave a life of luxury, actually supreme luxury and sophistication.

3rd house of Gemini has Sun 08-33-09 – Gives him courage and leadership skills. He would never back off from fight, be it corporate or legal. He would get a lot of support from his father and his siblings, who would be very auspicious for him and vice versa. Hence, he has the help of his extended family.

4th house of Cancer has Venus 14-29-26 (Enemy) and Rahu [R] 17-28-30 – This is a very interesting house and shapes Gautam Adani immensely. It has Rahu with Venus in enemy position. This leads to a very interesting analysis because after this, he has no planets till his 10th house, which has Ketu and Saturn retrograde in its Lord house. This gives him a mild Kaal Sarp Yog. This makes him a risk-taker; if he stops taking risks, he would not have become Gautam Adani and Adani Enterprises would not have been what it is today. Most people back off from taking risks; but he is a person who will actually enjoy the thrill of taking huge risks. Right now, he is going through his Venus mahadasha and Venus is in enemy position. I am sure Gautam Adani has the best of astrological advice, but I would advise him to be a little more careful about the risk. He must be doing remedies for this enemy position Venus. That is why, despite his company having a lot of debt, he has still become the second richest man in the world.

10th house of Capricorn has Saturn [R] 17-12-21 (Lord House) and Ketu [R] 17-28-30 – This house gives him lot of wealth from his own hard work, so he would be a very hardworking person and very wealthy. However, it is not wealth that drives him; he is a karm yogi. He likes being at the centre of things, taking hard decisions that other people back away from, and taking risks. That stands out in his chart. There would be lot of pressure on him. Eeven when he was going through his Ketu mahadasha, from 2010 till 2017, his business kept on booming. His is a prime example of how you can turn Ketu to your advantage.

Why is this? All his planets are placed in auspicious houses. Such people are brave; they take risks and generally, due to the auspicious powers of the chart, they do well. Sometimes they lose, sometimes they win. In his case, he wins more than he loses. However, the stress of it all is there. It is not easy being Gautam Adani. He earns money due to his hard work, but loses money too. But he does not seem to be bothered too much by that fact.

When all planets are in auspicious houses, such people have Kaal Sarp Yoga – I had seen this in the case of General Bipin Rawat as well. He was also a risk-taker; on the day he passed away, he took a risk flying in a helicopter in bad weather. These people are daredevils, taking risks that would scare normal people. They may lose their money or die in the process of taking risks, but that thought does not enter their minds. They are way too positive for that.

11th house of Aquarius has Moon 23-31-18 and Jupiter 19-16-47 – This is a powerful house which gives him name, fame, mental strength, and wealth; a jet-set life and makes him lucky. His children would take over the mantle from him seamlessly. It indicates wealth and power with a lot of prestige and recognition.


KET from 3/ 4/10 till 3/ 4/17 – I have included his Ketu dasha because this shows that even with the remedies or without them one can do exceedingly well. (We don’t know the birth time, which I have determined by myself from publicly available details)

VEN from 3/ 4/17 till 3/ 4/37 – This is the present mahadasha. Venus is in enemy position; so, there may be some bad decisions or bad risks that may be costing him. But overall the chart is so powerful that it is no wonder it has made him the second richest person in the world. (This is the ranking when I am writing. Due to stock market fluctuations, all this can change overnight.)

  • VEN – MON till 3/ 4/23 – His moon is giving him all the strength, name, fame, positivity and money; all resources related with materialism and enjoyment
  • VEN – MAR till 3/ 6/24 – This is the time when he would take a step back and nominate his successor. Or, this is the time he would like to move on to some new passion in his next Venus-Rahu period. But care is required.
  • VEN – RAH till 3/ 6/27 – This is the time when he will move on to some new risk for some newer pastures. But as mentioned, care is always required because Venus is in enemy position and Rahu by its nature is tricky, even though it gives him Kaal Sarp Yog.  

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