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Originally answered in April 2018 and updated on August 15, 2018

As an ardent fan, follower and well-wisher of Shri Kapil Sharma, I am saddened at the recent turn of events in his life. Though life is full of ups and downs, I wanted to see what Kapil’s chart says out of concern for his future and my astrologers curiosity.

Hence I put out a request on Quora, Twitter and FB for anyone to provide me with Kapil’s birth details.

I immediately got a response (though the birth details are unconfirmed ) and immediately decided to draw and analyze his chart.

I am told that his birth details are

  • DOB – Thursday, April 02, 1981,
  • TOB – 04:30 AM
  • POB – Amritsar, Punjab, India.

Let me draw his chart.

  • ASC is Aquarius and has Moon and Mercury – This is an excellent placement and will help the native achieve great success and be blessed with a cool temperament and mother’s blessings as well as the native will have a life of luxury. This is guaranteed throughout his life. You may NOT agree with this as to the way he has behaved recently but there are other reasons for the same. Please read on.
  • 2nd house of Pisces has Sun, Mars and Venus – Excellent for family and will do a lot for the family, would be bold, courageous, and a born leader as well as do “well” in the fashion or show business-related fields. Will have romantic liaisons.
  • 6th house of Cancer has Rahu(R) – This is a troubling position for the native and he would face sudden losses due to wrong decisions and they would land him in big trouble personally and professionally.
  • 8th house of Virgo has Jupiter (R) and Saturn(R) – This is also a killer house for the native. He would have to work very hard, bear stress, his mind would misguide him, he would make lots of enemies due to his temper and they would harm him immensely to the extent of ruining his career, personal life, and the potential to have good and bright children.
  • 12th house of Capricorn has Ketu(R) – Again there is trouble here and this may leaf to the native disappearing in search of peace and solace for his troubled soul.
  • Dasha
  • SAT-KET from 03/10/2017 till 17/09/2018 – This time is very bad for him and he would only suffer personal and professional losses as well as make enemies.
  • Conclusion
  • As mentioned, though the native has a powerful lagna house and 2nd house, which includes an auspicious Moon and Sun but right now and till September 2018 – the time for him is very challenging and he should avoid any major decision or change.
  • After this time, things would be better and there would be relief and his show would come on again. But if he is not careful – he could fall into professional and personal trouble again.
  • He should immediately start chanting 11 malas of the Hanuman Chalisa every day and also visit a shani temple and donate some coins and mustard oil for relief from his retrograde Saturn – otherwise it would eat him up.
  • He should also keep his expectations realistic – both professional and personal; as I am surprised to find that he has NO planets in the 9th, 10th and 11th houses – which are houses of steady and long term success, fame and wealth, even though as mentioned the lagna house is powerful and he has an auspicious Sun and Moon.
  • He would have to work very hard for all his personal and professional achievements.
  • He should also follow the spiritual guidelines for stress relief and rise above his chart and kindly read the disclaimer.
  • I will pray for him and I hope that the birth details are incorrect as I love Kapil as a wonderful and gifted artist and think he is a wonderful human being too.
  • I would also hope that since he has bought joy to hundreds of millions of people every weekend for 2–3 years, the Gods take note of his good karma and give him relief.

Updated on 15/8/2018

Article in Indian Express dated August 14/2018 (link below). Please read this vis a vis my original predictions made in April 2018.


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