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In my humble experience Kaal Sarpa Dosha (KSD) in practicality adversely impacts ones life, despite even an other wise excellent or even good chart. *This phenomenon occurs when when a persons lagna chart has no (Zero) planets between Rahu and Ketu. It adversely impacts ones life and it makes the person prone to suffer most in his/her Rahu mahadasha. Even otherwise, if the Rahu mahadasha is falling very late in a persons life, then it would still make him/her suffer in a critical area of  area of his/her life –  like marriage or absence of one, children or absence, severe disability (physical /emotional), career loss , are some examples. It depends where his/her Rahu and Ketu are placed in the lagna chart and hence which houses are empty.

*Sometimes there is a phenomena (which I have experienced in my humble practice called Mild Kaal Sarpa Dosha(MKSD) and Very Mild Kaal Sarpa Dosha (VMKSD) and this is when there a one or two planets placed between a persons Rahu and Ketu. It is for the learned astrologer to deduce if the person is (and how much) afflicted by this Dosha and suggest remedies accordingly. I am presenting 2 case studies below.

(A) A close relative of mine  (my maternal uncle) – Who as a brave and dashing young Indian army captain; took a bullet to his spine in the 1971 – India – Pakistan war (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indo-Pakistani_War_of_1971), deep inside enemy territory  and instantly his body was paralysed waist down. He was 30 years old at that time and unmarried and remained so till the end of his life. Off course he was well taken care of financially by his employer. Hiding other details on this public forum to respect his privacy.

(B) Shikhar Dhawan’s – Ayesha’s  marriage crumbling

Birth Details

Dec 5, 1985, 1200 Hours, Delhi

Planetary Position

ASC Aquarius 06-41-14 – This placement makes him adventurous and fun loving at the code and risk taker and he definitely had taken a major risk with his choice of marriage.

4th house of Aries has Rahu (R) 13-34-31  – His Raha has just started and at the start of it, his marriage has crumbled. He has Mild Kaal Sarpa Dosha (MKSD) in his chart and the next 15 years will be very tough on him as the impact of MKSD are pronounced during one Rahu mahadasha. His has just started with him calling it quits on his marriage and I see that he will have major trouble keeping contact with his child or children. His ex-wife has multiple children from previous marriages so and he has formed an emotional bond with those children also and this is going to boomerang on him legally.

7th house of Leo has Moon 18-05-43 – Even though his 7th house of life partner or spouses is auspicious but if you see it is the only house between his fourth house Rahu and 9th house Ketu; so that creates some strain in his relationships and marriage. But there is always the possibility that if he is careful, he can have bliss in his partnerships as long as the partnerships are there. He will be a very stable partner, and a loyal partner but he would eventually feel that he has been deceived due to the impact of his MKSD.

9th house of Libra has Mars 00-27-57 and Ketu (R) 13-34-31 – Mars at nearly zero degrees in his 9th house makes him just at the boundary of being Manglik, so he has to be very careful in his marriage matters because even though technically Mars is showing in his 9th house but it makes him a manglik because of the effect of Mars is that of Mars in the 8th house. Additionally, Ketu sitting there is basically making him casual in his attitude towards life.

10th house of Scorpion has Sun19-25-06, Mercury (R) 06-03-14, Venus 08-31-47 and Saturn 08-30-57 (Combust) – This is an eventful house and a critical house because it has four planets sitting in the 10th house of Scorpio. Sun is excellently placed and makes him a nice human being; a moral human being. Venus sitting there auspiciously makes him attracted to women and the opposite sex and if these tendencies not controlled could land him into big trouble as, it has landed him in his first marriage. So, he has to be very careful he would have the propensity to enjoy life and he would have money. Mercury sitting there retrograde means that basically there would be huge expenditures and he would be not confined to one place; he would be flying all over the world and also being retrograde means that when he is upset he would lash out and that in combination with his Rahu’s placement has played a major role in the disintegration of his present marriage. Saturn combust, does not give its full benefic impact to him and he would have to work hard in life all the time and though his 10th house is auspicious and that is why he has come to the Indian cricket team; but behind that there is a lot of hard work and toil.

12th house of Capricorn has Jupiter 19-25-47 (Debilitated) – This is a troubling placement for him and will cause him distress and legal trouble in his life related to his children. So, in this case he could be separated from his biological child for a long time and it would involve court cases and custody suits. Additionally, there are more complications as his ex-spouse has children from her previous marriages or relationships and it is possible that he has formed a relationship with them and he could be asked to support them financially. So, he has to be very careful as there is distress seen due to children. He would be separated from his children.

Present Dasha

Rahu from 14/10/21 to 14/10/39 – His long Rahu mahadasha had just started and due to the impact of concert those this is not going to be a good time for him and this has ended his marriage and there will be extended custody battles and he would be crisscrossing the world fighting in multiple jurisdictions and basically now is the time that he would have to pay for his misadventures due to his adventure seeking nature.

Additional Comments

His MKSD, Rahu and Jupiter have caused him severe harm in his personal life. It’ll take a momentous lot of effort for him to resolve it. By his press statement it seems that everything is fine but he would have to pay a lot of money due to children; his child as well as the spouses’ children and this custody issue is not going to end; even though the marriage may have legally ended; this legal back and forth are not going to end.

He’s basically an adventurous person due to his ASC Aquarius and he is paying the price in his bad time. He has made a wrong choice by getting hitched to someone who already has children from her previous marriage and additionally has had a child with her. Now what I’m implying here is that basically he is a simpleton; and he would not able to handle multiple marriages or children from multiple marriages.

Ayesha, God bless her, is very dominated and quickly gets disinterested in her marriage partners or marriages and she’s interested in good looking and powerful men because of her Venus being enemy position in her 10th house and Ketu in the 7th house. She has Moon and Jupiter both ill placed, so there is always legal wrangling happening with the the fathers of the children that she has. She is emotionally a very sensitive person so that makes her get married quickly but get out of it also quickly and again this is a case of Mild Kaal Sarpa Dosha too (MKSD). So, this is not a union that could have lasted. She also has mangal dosha and that makes it another reason for the union to be incompatible.

Note – The focus is always on the remedies.

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